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  1. Miss Kitty: [QUOTE]What difference, between.. the free and professional.. though? (Comodo)[/QUOTE] I think it's an added anti virus, and computer tech help. Mike.
  2. Tried draemn's build. Both builds made it to boss, boss dead. I can't say I choose one over the other because both builds take a sever pounding and lots of player work upgrading and killing mobs. I say give us a extra 100 DU and MU. I would rather just build and wait on boss. If things are not gotten to properly or in order, or you forget, I find myself replacing stuff through the waves before Boss arrives. That is with both builds. With 4 players I tried yesterday the boss had 1.5 billion health. (What the heck?) 3 of our players died, but thankfully the boss was down to 500 million fo
  3. fulano [QUOTE]Alrite, I guess it's time to look for stealth spyware. [/QUOTE] 1) Check your net connection. Make sure your up and down speeds are where they should be for what your paying, check packet losses. If you have spyware sending out tons of request this should give a hint to that. http://www.speedtest.net/ 2) Anything updating itself? Windows likes to update as well as other programs. 3) All your connections connecting? Limelight and Valve connect from many different places. A firewall, router, Peerblock can block some of these connections. Are these connections allowed t
  4. If your just looting stuff for Campaign, or survival, I use a Monk with Genie and tower boost at 4K. I only use the tower boost for Kings NMHCMM or AQ on mix (Them dang Goldfish!!!) My Monk does very little dps damage. DPS for Nightmare is really only good on a few Campaign maps like Tavern Defense first wave. Otherwise I have genie and upgrading things fast, collecting mana for next wave build phase. I drop my builders in split screen last wave to collect more stuff. On insane or lower, any dps Character can just wipe through hordes of enemies. The Akatiti Jungle map changed my stra
  5. Thank you guys. I have a ult 100 Robot. The stat is possible, not sure if Genie can reach Ult 100 though. I picked up 4 sup ACC's just testing a couple builds for Akatiti Jungle before taking it online for others to play. At 500 mil though per upgrade point on them, I question who can really afford to up a set of SUP ACC's. [QUOTE] I don't know Mike, I meet a guy few days ago and he had less then 300hr, but with a 6K DPS stats and also unlock the tarven keeper outfist. So who knows? people usually superize people But to be honest I feel sad that I play twice more than him but not good
  6. fulano [QUOTE]You just don't get tired of badmouthing Trendy and *****ing about your luck in each and every one of your posts, don't you??[/QUOTE] Nobody bad mouthed anyone, and Trendy has gotten rid of several I reported. Luck is offset by continuing in something over and over. It's why most my builders have it over 4K tower stats. 5.2K is not going to make that much a difference with the way things scale. I just soloed Akatiti Jungle 3 times yesterday on NMHC split screen. I am not lacking any confidence here. I then took the build Online to test it with 4 players. I ended up having
  7. Hybrid builders? If you want your Active builder bonus, split the screen and drop em near some defenses with an App Guardian. Good Armor with nice ups is not easy to find, why waste points putting them into dps? [QUOTE]Everything you know about DD is wrong - Why inactive builders are often a bad idea.[/QUOTE] Having your builder in is not a bad idea. Wasting good armor with dps points though is. It would be nice if we could respec our armor. If your struggling then just split your screen and use your builder with a App Guardian. The builder bonus from your builder and App Guardi
  8. That would have to be a ult 100 Genie. Never heard of those, or any report of someone getting a Ult 100 pet. Also, where do you get a complete set of ult armor? Once you find a complete set, how do all the pieces of armor have all close to 400 ups? Don't be impressed by hackers, and guys that brag about their stats tells you they are hackers. I had a guy last night inform me that we should use his turrets and not mine. Mine were only 4.2K and his 5.2. That is very rude, considering It was my server, and I always build if I start the server. I guess my 2237 hours of play as opposed to hi
  9. I just got a Sup ACC today and went to upgrade it. Half way through the Upgrade one point cost 458,000,000,000. That is 458 million for 1 upgrade point. That is to expensive for even me. Now, I do open a shop at times, but even with 40 billion, I don't think I can afford to upgrade to many of those ACC's. My Barb alone has over 18 Billion in weapons and armor, and I suspect the rest of my Characters are close. So, 70 billion goes extremely quick if you start collecting those SUP ACC's. Mike.
  10. [QUOTE]You always put a downer on everything.... If you don't like it, leave, stop posting the same thing on every thread, please. [/QUOTE] Opps, did I do that again? Not my fault, I could not resist. [QUOTE]Curious to see if they stuck with their plan to make that game. Seems interesting enough. [/QUOTE] I just saw the game for I-pad. Trendy has made good head way into the those markets, and my son who owns a Android and I-pad said it looked pretty impressive. Should be pretty cool when it's released. Mike.
  11. Sorry Guys, It has to be released Tonight. I just got the official Forecast until Sat. Mike.
  12. [QUOTE]Qualifications: Solid foundation of creative and artistic abilities with focus on detailed environments. Skilled in traditional industry tools: 3ds Max, Maya or XSI, Photoshop, (ZBrush/Mudbox is a plus) Excellent communication skills are an absolute must! (You will be telecommuting unless your local to the Gainesville office) Experience in creating and balancing Hand-Painted and photo-realistic texture creation including Diffuse, Specular, Occlusion and Normal mapping. Great Attention to Detail, Color and Composition. Must have an understanding of M
  13. I don't know if it was the harp. It's has 4.2 tower str, it just did not get the djinn that theft my Ele aura which was covering the crystal. I had the top/left aura more stable though the minions were still taking a sever pounding. I will have to give this another go, but getting taken out by a djinn theft wave 14 is very annoying, when everything else seemed to be holding somewhat. EDIT: OK, dropped a prox and spike on the minions top/left and dropped a gas/prox in place of the harp. I did not use ensnare bottom/right (in the water by fall) because there was a gas trap there anyway to
  14. I use Huntress. Huntress does awesome on Tavern campaign because she can turn invisible and kill Turkey with no issues. The Highest DPS I have seen is a Melee Monk with Seahorse and hero boost. It really depends on taste and skill. EV can do major damage with her ability, but it don't match Hawk Strike. If I had an order it would be. 1) Monk 2) Barb 3) Jester I picked Jester 3rd because Jester has insane upgrade and repair speed. I would pick barb though for certain maps over Jester. Monk seems to be able to hold his own in all map situations. A melee monk can be devastating. So
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