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  1. It'd be better to play insane survival than nm pure strat.
  2. That's exactly what I thought of! Reminded me of an old boyfriend telling me I was a "10 cow kind of girl" and my initial horror and anger at him, before he explained what he meant. :-P Cubes are grossly inflated. We've seen it go from, what? 40billion to 140billion in a matter of three weeks? I don't understand why mk2s are worth less either, IMO, since they are cooler looking and more useful so I'll just continue to stockpile them whilst the rest of you accumulate cubez. MK2's are probably rarer as well. Unless you bought your game on steam, you don't get one. Which was a bit of a bumme
  3. 1) isom 2) cube 3) rock 2 4) tower 2 Generous, even if you are quitting.
  4. Just a quick sketch I did in photoshop. Might continue, might not, either way it was a nice diversion.
  5. I've never seen the point of DA membership myself.
  6. That I can remember off the top of my head, guardians boost caps at 45(I think), guardian range caps at 90. Hero speed caps at 100. Summoner minion attack rate and range increase very slowly after 500. Aura size increases quite slowly after 1.5k or so.
  7. Monk: STS, Gamblers, Wrench Huntress: Pawn Shot, Krytykal Stryke Squire/Barb: Steam Sword App: Classic EDIT: Removed Lemeurian, per Classic's suggestion.
  8. A system taken beyond it's original design parameters demonstrates odd behaviour shocker. Someone contact Fox News. Doesn't mean it shouldn't be fixed.
  9. +1 You only need to browse the suggestions forum too see how many people are frustrated with this.
  10. I think it matters for the portal gun and the cube It matters for the cube as well? Well that's balls.
  11. Jester: The Final Joke - The next attack of every player has a chance to kill the attacking player or hit the next enemy for 5 Times damage, caps at 10 times damage. - 1000 Mana This would result in instant kicks for jesters in every hardcore match. I know I'd kick a jester if there was even the slight possibility of them using this ability.
  12. I can understand kicking someone between waves during build phase. But just recently i was part of someone's group doing a challenge and he kicked everyone just before the end of the last wave. I don't play pub games that I care about anymore. Too many people like this.
  13. Is that Video link a Volvo commercial?? Lol, my bad. I was sharing vids with a friend before posting that. Fixed.
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