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  1. I hope everyone has a happy holidays and to a better new year! https://steamcommunity.com/id/dkilla53/
  2. Treadmill on a Treadmill https://steamcommunity.com/id/dkilla53/
  3. One of my favorite memories was when I first switched to PC and saw all the different content along with the new characters then learning the different play styles that I can use to progress through the game and pick up new strategies https://steamcommunity.com/id/dkilla53/
  4. no what i mean is that i cannot see even the proximity trap and inferno on any of the assult packs. any way anybody knows how to fix this? i will post proof of it later when i am available to play the game
  5. Can somebody please help? whenever i play on the pc, i can't see any of the radii of the traps. this gets rather annoying and i cannot avoid the traps, plus i will die really easily once one blows up. can somebody please help!
  6. What is the best armor that you have found in your tavern shop? so far, mine was a 95^ pristine plate for lvl 90, and that appeared after i got my 39^ chicken -_- gf me... also, what is the best chicken you have seen/recieved? 39^ for me, decent stats
  7. I was playing Dungeon Defenders today, and one of my pals said that he heard that console getting another patch toward the new year. Well he also mention that we would get the counterparts of the 4 main characters, and possibly a new map as well as easier to obtain better items. Can somebody confirm some of this, if not all for me? please and thank you!
  8. i usually sell/keep depending on what the stats are on the item. if most are +, especially if it is on what i farming for (dps/tower) then ill keep
  9. We won't get those other classes. mainly because of memory issues that it would cause (i have the pc, and it takes like 10x more memory alone for ALL OF THE DLC+MAIN GAME, took 6+ hours to download). THat is main reason we will not get any other classes, but the least they can do is change drop rates for us so we can get better weps easier w/o the use of summoner/other classes or buff the squire's towers for just insane+ (nearly impossible for some people to solo)
  10. Its almost as annoying as the genie king boss. Genie king is worse because he hides in various lamps across the map. At least you can see where the goblin battleship is
  11. killah5


    It would make things easier to upgrade, especially if we have 100+ ^, it could take hours to upgrade possibly
  12. I have the pc version, played on foundries and forges Insane Survival, got to wave 17, and im able to start on 17 if i wish to. But if i wanted the steam robot, i have to start on 13 because you need 2 waves to get reward. But i wish trendy would add this ability to consoles. People would try for more giraffes and you wouldn't waste 2+ hours on mistymire pure strat only to wind up with a low ^ and a lot of negative stats on a giraffe
  13. We should have a patch where we can start on any wave we have already completed, just like the PC players can do. It would help us get better pets and rather us not waste 2+ hours just to get something that sucked and wasted our precious time
  14. pc version is worth it. I started a few weeks ago, have < 24 h on it, and already have a lvl 75 tower squire and 74 dps huntress. Kings game Insane HC gives roughly 10m per run if you fully complete it and you get a great mythical wep 90%+ of the time. and not to mention the new tavern defense that came out, people say its better for xp. just a matter of finding people
  15. I thought we got Kari the Brave on wave 15 ?
  16. how about the ability to start on waves you have previously beaten on pure strat/survival to make getting pets a bit easier and not as long as a grind. Who wants to spend ~3 hours only to get a giraffe with low ^ or very terrible stats. And not to mention that pc now has :kobold: on a treadmill -_-
  17. how do we get donkeys for the console?
  18. I literally hust said I dont play online, I dont have the money for it...so how am I suppose to get the items? I understand where you are coming from. I can't play online except for the occasion when i go somewhere where internet access is, and i never know when that is. So i cannot play in the events, even if i signed up for one.
  19. i know, it sucks that we dont get a lot of the content that pc users get, even though a god portion of the community is for console. However, we are limited on data because of the memory of ps3/xbox. I wish we could have a bit more, such as more classes or more maps, but that is not gonna happen
  20. ive gotten the crystal to show up and i beat it on easy, however i soloed it, so that may be a factor. if your looking for crystalline dimension, go to sky city on the difficulty you beat it on, and the portal is right there
  21. i would be lucky to complete a level on insane+ right now... my tower squire isn't the greatest. it can manage insane fine but the orcs destroy my defenses too fast. Tower Squire stats: 208/259/73/200
  22. idk. people usually don't want others in, and if you are on a monk/squire, you will be kicked
  23. Can someone please tell me where you can find high ^ armors on ps3? ive tried misty insane+ and spiral towers. nothing good... and i try morrago insane but i can't beat it solo...
  24. people either farming mana, or looking for high lvl players, or just don't wanna play with anyone/waiting on friends. or they are trading. happens to me all the time
  25. i have a dps huntress, but i would have to use invisibility to kill dragon (it 1 shots me on insane, lol) but i could do that sometime if i ever get online. ill add and send a message whenever i go online
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