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  1. I was really looking forward to this and on the whole it seems great, but I think a few changes are making this difficult to get into initially: I see no mention of Promenade having its DU reduced from 140 to 110. What's up with that? That was my go-to build for farming XP and exactly where I wanted to level my EV. The patch notes mention that: "BUGFIX: Attack power now scales pet damage", which sounds like a buff, but in reality my dragon is doing half its normal damage now, making it difficult to do the maps I used to. Are these changes deliberate?
  2. I'm generally loving the game after the latest few patches, but I'm growing increasingly frustrated with my attempts to play public games. I'll try to outline where I'm at progress-wise and what's ruining my fun in public games. My gear is entirely from C3 and C4, and I'm comfortably farming C4 Trials in solo play. I don't really have a lot of issues, and I'm winning the majority of the maps. Now, as soon as I start building in a public game of C4 Trials, people insult me and leave. Comments like "1.87M walls? WTF?" and "Err, that's not gonna work. Good luck." are usually followed by people pressing G and leaving the game (I imagine to try to start the first wave before my build is finished to punish my insolence). This is extremely frustrating. My wall totem has 7021 Tower Health and a fully upgraded Fortification shard. I don't think I'm likely to find significantly better totems on C4. It seems you're expected to be wearing full C5 gear before you can play C4 public games. Is anyone else experiencing this weird gap between the gear it's possible to acquire on your current difficulty, and the gear you're expected to have on your current difficulty? Is 7021 Tower Health really exceptionally low for C4? Because how, then, would you ever progress into C4 public games?
  3. Hopefully you can visit https://dd2.help now without such warning. I apologize for the inconvenience.
  4. Quick update: I fixed an SSL certificate, so the page now fully works as https://dd2.help. Hopefully that solves any Internet Security programs' worries. I just want to mention that I've been working on an interactive online list of DD2 maps, their items, and the passives of these items: http://dd2.help The list has been painstakingly updated very recently (during Halloween patch and Terraria patch) and now include: All items with unique passives from defenses, incursions, and the Wayfarer.All "common item" passives except the Dryad's (by which I mean passives that can roll randomly on various items).The page undergoes weekly updates, and while it's still not offering the best possible user experience, it might well be helpful for someone here. I hope it can be of some use, but I'm currently maintaining it mostly for my own benefit. If you have any thoughts, criticism, opinions, suggestions, or the likes, you can share them here in this thread or create an issue on the project's GitLab page. I'm very open to making this as useful as possible. It's a fairly young and frequently changing project.
  5. I'm doing my best to keep an up to date database of drops in DD2 here, including common items: https://emiln.gitlab.io/dd2-drops/ That includes the Mystic, even though the upper and particularly lower passive rolls are still not always as accurate as could be wished. Maybe you'll find that helpful for a quick searchable reference.
  6. There's a new release live now: https://emiln.gitlab.io/dd2-drops/ It includes the 14 passives on common items I've been able to find in-game while leveling the Mystic, and the upper limit of the stat rolls is based entirely on my own drops so far. This should at least allow everyone to get an overview of what is hopefully all but possibly just the majority of new passives. If you have any corrections of data or suggestions for features, you can just write them here and I'll update the site.
  7. It now includes the four "Storms Set" items. A small typo made "Helm" into "Helt", but that'll be sorted out with the next release. The quickest way to find them is probably to just write "storm" in the search field.
  8. He makes no claim for the site to be owned or maintained by Trendy. As such, I'd imagine it'd need no more aproval than most community ran and opperated websites. At worst, I imagine Trendy might ask him to put a disclaimer somewhere. Not a business guy tho... so what do I know. It's a valid point. I have broken no End User License Agreements, Terms of Service, or similar legalities that I'm aware of. That's not necessarily the same as having broken none whatsoever. I haven't added any disclaimers mostly because I don't think there's a real risk of visitors conflating my page with the official Trendy sources. I'll take whatever necessary action if asked to, but for now I'm just providing a service in good faith that it harmonizes with Trendy's stance on third party tools.
  9. That would be great. I still think we'd need a database of sorts for knowing where which item drops, but it'd make everything easier. I've already mapped many of the passives to some specific drops, but some are still missing and they all need some sort of validation. I hope in the not too distant future I'll have a full list I could try asking the developers about the correctness of. That is probably the only certain way of validating the data. In the mean time it's a rather laborious process of inspecting items in-game and searching the internet for answers and theories.
  10. Styling is not my greatest strength, but I'm very open to specific suggestions. I'm mostly concerned with keeping the page usable on all screen sizes, from phone to desktop. Any design changes in line with this philosophy are very welcome. I've raised the stat roll range to 20% for Fault Line. It should be "live" on the site within a few minutes. Thanks for reporting it!
  11. Hi, everyone, and sorry in advance for the blatant advertisement. A new tool I'm currently working on a new tool/website for DD2. "Why?", you might rightly be wondering. Because I currently find it rather difficult to figure out which maps drop which items with what stats. It'd be great to have some searchable, interactive website open on my tablet or phone while I'm playing DD2 to help keep track of which maps I should be farming, and just to get a nice overview of all the various stats. I set out to create something of my own because a) I couldn't really find existing fully-featured tools anywhere, and b) I am very passionate about keeping track of stats. The project is fully open-source and developed entirely on GitLab. You can find the live site here: DD2 Drops! <- Click here for the site It's still in early development with just a few releases behind it, but it's growing in amounts of data and useful filtering week by week as my time permits. I'm hoping for this to be partly community-driven as it's very hard to gather accurate data all by myself. You can help If you think the idea is good, you can help in a number of ways: Create issues for the project about suggestions, bugs, wrong data, etc.Use the page and report back here about your experience.Help provide (good) data! This is the main thing needed.If you're tech savvy, you can join the project as a developer. Just ask.
  12. Given the wonderful initiative "Steam for Linux", which already features a few dozen excellent "indie" games, perhaps this would be an excellent time to look into establishing a user base among the GNU+Linux crowd. Steam for Linux is currently in its beta stage, but many GNU+Linux users are eagerly joining as "early adopters". There is, however, one type of game that seems very much absent: the kind that has me logging close to 500 hours of gameplay due to its end-game content. What is Trendy's opinion on Steam for Linux and how likely are they to publish anything compatible with it? I, for one, would be greatly excited to see particularly Dungeon Defenders become available. It is my understanding (however limited) that the engine used by Dungeon Defenders would be rather compatible.
  13. Having just found my very first Ultimate item, I must say it turned out to be pretty disappointing. I appreciate that the stats are randomized, and the stats are not the reason for my disappointment in the slightest as they were excellent. Now, some technical data will surely illuminate the issue. Here's a comparison between three weapons I've recently found as rewards for completing King's Game, Aquanos (I think), and Sky City, respectively: The White Knight [Ultimate]: Initial melee damage: ~5800 Updates: 341 Melee damage fully upgraded: 45232 Melee damage gain per upgrade: (45232 - ~5800) / 341 = ~116 Triton's War Glaive [Transcendent]: Initial melee damage: ~3000 Updates: 180 Melee damage fully upgraded: 19714 Melee damage gain per upgrade: (19714 - ~3000) / 180 = ~93 Steam Saw [Mythical]: Initial melee damage: ~4000 Updates: 93 Melee damage fully upgraded: 41759 Melee damage gain per upgrade: (41759 - ~4000) / 93 = ~406 The difference in scalability is stunning, and not exactly following my expectations. I would have thought the Transcendent, and certainly Ultimate, weapons scaled better--not worse--than mythical items. Does anyone know why, and possibly which weapons scale the best in each weapon class?
  14. Looted a Supreme on wave 17, albeit a weapon, only ran it once though so not much data to go on. That is very comforting to read. I have played the map 3 or 4 times now, but I guess I may simply have been unlucky.
  15. As I work on a more or less viable build for Sky City Nightmare Hardcore Survival, a few questions regarding loot quality come to mind. Having played the map a few times and really enjoyed it (up to and including wave 20) I have yet to see a single item beyond Mythical quality. Now, monsters have vastly more HP, damage, etc. than on any other map I have played, but the loot appears to be worse. I appreciate that a certain degree of pseudo-random number generation is involved, but it seems very strange that I am better off playing Magus or Throne Room on NMHCMM than I am playing the significantly harder Sky City on NMHCSV. Is this a case of consistent bad luck, or is the loot quality really this low in Sky City? Now, I wouldn't mind finding Mythical gear in what must be considered "end-game content" if Mythical gear was itself end-game gear. The issue is, of course, that there are now three whole tiers of gear beyond Mythical, and you would be hard-pressed to reach wave 20 in Sky City without gear beyond Mythical (at least I would). Farming Throne Room grants the occasional Transcendent item. Farming Mistymire has granted me the occasional Supreme item. I would expect that Sky City would at the very least be on par with the two mentioned maps, but it just doesn't appear to drop anything beyond Mythical. I really like this map, so I would hate to disregard it to surf my way through much easier content for gear. TL;DR: Is Sky City NMHCSV really supposed to be a step down in loot quality from Mistymire NMHCSV (or even Throne Room NMHCMM)?
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