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  1. Have no idea about what I want since I'll probably just give it away but it seems like my friend Sanghelios can use a Double Cap Diamond.
  2. I have a ton to giveaway not just this but starting with these armors. Have 3 Ult+, 27 Ults and 29 Supremes. I'm not gonna list all of them but if you need a certain piece just ask or if you want a random piece that's fine aswell. I hope my SID link is still in my signature but I'm not sure with the new fancy forum updates. I might do another giveaway later for weapons/pets/accs and whatever is left I'll probably give to anyone I used to play with that's still around so if you've played with me in the past tell me and I'll get you some of my stuff. EDIT: I added my steam account to my profil
  3. 70 cubes or B/O if you accept ults.
  4. Not sure if that is calling someone out since he just said that he bought it from him. Same thing as a trace actually. from what i've seen mods take saying you bought something hacked from some1 yust as serious as calling out although that could depend on which mod.
  5. Btw I bought it from [AnToMiC]HexXaNa you cant call out on forums (stupid rule but it's a rule)
  6. i would say a cube per 4/5 eggs although could be worth more if in a set. Others are worth close to nothing since they arent usefull.
  7. 25 each on pegasus power and minish
  8. let me see pieces individually? thanks DPS: [SPOILER] [/SPOILER] Tower: [SPOILER] [/SPOILER] Most pieces are unupped in ranked.
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