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  1. Yeah I will be using steam although I believe there still is region locking on there for some games, could anyone from Chromatic confirm or deny whether there will be region locking on steam codes? Or else I would like know how I should go about requesting a refund for the shipping fees. In the previous post it simply says: "...and we will refund you the shipping cost." but in this one it is mentioned that I should submit a ticket ("and then put in a ticket to have the shipping fee refunded"), where would I have to submit this ticket?
  2. I'm trying to fill in my survey but like many have an issue with the shipping cost. In this mentioned post it is mentioned that I can "Pay the shipping fee, and in the address put "I do not want the physical goods"". So my question is if I cant just set the shipping country to USA and write "I do not want the physical goods" there so I dont have to pay the shipping fee up front? Or will this create issues later on with region locking codes or something of the kind? Also I just wish to double check that in the $75 dollar tier the only item that would be shipped is the T-Shirt? All other rewards will be delivered by mail or on Kickstarter?
  3. Have no idea about what I want since I'll probably just give it away but it seems like my friend Sanghelios can use a Double Cap Diamond.
  4. I have a ton to giveaway not just this but starting with these armors. Have 3 Ult+, 27 Ults and 29 Supremes. I'm not gonna list all of them but if you need a certain piece just ask or if you want a random piece that's fine aswell. I hope my SID link is still in my signature but I'm not sure with the new fancy forum updates. I might do another giveaway later for weapons/pets/accs and whatever is left I'll probably give to anyone I used to play with that's still around so if you've played with me in the past tell me and I'll get you some of my stuff. EDIT: I added my steam account to my profile just add me and shoot me a message with what you want if I'm online.
  5. 70 cubes or B/O if you accept ults.
  6. Not sure if that is calling someone out since he just said that he bought it from him. Same thing as a trace actually. from what i've seen mods take saying you bought something hacked from some1 yust as serious as calling out although that could depend on which mod.
  7. Btw I bought it from [AnToMiC]HexXaNa you cant call out on forums (stupid rule but it's a rule)
  8. i would say a cube per 4/5 eggs although could be worth more if in a set. Others are worth close to nothing since they arent usefull.
  9. 25 each on pegasus power and minish
  10. 25 each on minish 2, pegasus 2 and rocks feather 1
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