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  1. Completely agree with you rdeal. A very bad start for us EU players. Trendy you STILL haven't answered ANY questions on the official EU blog ...Facebook is littered with people requesting an EU date and you are too lazy reply to them. It's not so bad you delayed the game (on the day it was due to be released might i add) but it's the fact you are not keeping us informed enough. 'soon(tm) and 'coming days' is all you have said, now we are at 5 days late. at least add something in the news section and tell us where you are at? perhaps a new release date. Like redeal said other games can make
  2. Thanks for keeping us informed about the EU release of DD2. Oh wait.. you didn't. 'coming days' and 'soon(tm)' they said :-( I am pretty disappointed not just because the game didn't come out for us on the day you told us it would. But because of the general laziness of Trendy not keeping us informed.
  3. My suggestion is... You tell us where you are at with this. We have heard nothing about the EU release for days. :(
  4. No word from Trendy about when EU is getting it. 'Comings day' i think not... :-( Some reply would be nice Trendy.
  5. bumpy-bump any word guys? I have a feeling 'in the coming days' will not be this week. Hope you prove me wrong.. Not hating on you Trendy just love the game too much to wait any longer :-) Please let us knowwwww
  6. Hello, Is there any update yet with a release date for EU? Thanks ty
  7. hey guys, im trying to farm for a better soul focuser. but cant seems to get one better than my lvl74 with 49 upgrades. think it has 6-7 reload and 8/10 shots pers (ish) do better ones drops? as ive done like 25 runs since and havent got better. thanks
  8. thanks for all the advice, Commandoandco aka sean was helping me out big time all last night and i get fresh new build that work and huge upgrades. ill try get that genie soon for my huntress ;-)
  9. hey all, im looking for the best easily obtained tower weps for a squire,monk and aprentice. Moraggo/aqua place would be out of the question as i struggle pretty bad with those. If you dont pick up chests between waves does the contents get auto sold? Which DPS pet is best for the huntress? sorry for all the questions and thanks in advance to those who help :-) DT
  10. heyhey ive just learnt that i cannot play with US side players it wont let me connect to thier games. tyvm anyways but it seems like i need some euro people to add :-)
  11. bump..still looking for some people to game with lol. my chars are all above 71 now. thanks
  12. hey BPUG are you still helping people out? if so in newish and could do with some games/company. ive not really done online games much. my chars are 70-72 just been doing glitter runs by myself. thanks
  13. thanks for replies guys, OMG i will PM you on here shortly and Aljoker i will add you on PSN with a note saying im from the forums here. the mic thing is no problem at all but i do have one if its makes things easier. please be aware i dont really what the best tower setups are ect, when i joined online before i normally just went dps while the other done the towers. also yes im on eu PSN but thanks anyways. :-) :-)
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