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  1. It's hard to think of a single memory since everything kind of blends together into the endless grind. But one thing worth remembering is when I helped someone important to me get their last few Steam achievements not so long ago. https://steamcommunity.com/id/winterbraid/
  2. Winterbraid http://steamcommunity.com/id/winterbraid [_Demonseye_] http://steamcommunity.com/id/Demonseye Creepy http://steamcommunity.com/id/doesntafraidofspiders Saturday A
  3. If I set the auras east and west it seems to my they don't cover north and south enough. My Gas Traps were not all buffed and I did not have enough time to do upgrades on the buff beams. (could this be the real reason?) Everytime my crystal gets destroyed - mostly by an orc, sometimes by an oger. Do you have any idea what could be my error? Auras: 3344/3261/2769/2070 Ogres should never attack crystals unless either your harpoons die or the tower rate on your squire builder is really horrible. I don't bother to buff gas traps, and your auras are better than what I had when beating this for the first time. It's definitely the buff beams, they contribute a bonus of up to 60% to aura range. Don't forget that you also have to continue upgrading in the combat phase, you should upgrade your beams to 3 stars and harpoons to at least 2-3 bars or things will break while you go after the Dragon. Were you alone? Every player in the game reduces the total build time in Boss Gauntlet. If you were alone, I can only recommend that you practice on Open more.
  4. Winterbraid http://steamcommunity.com/id/winterbraid [_Demonseye_] http://steamcommunity.com/id/Demonseye Creepy http://steamcommunity.com/id/doesntafraidofspiders Friday A
  5. Winterbraid http://steamcommunity.com/id/winterbraid [_Demonseye_] http://steamcommunity.com/id/Demonseye Creepy http://steamcommunity.com/id/doesntafraidofspiders Friday A
  6. My own satisfaction of knowing I'm a good player and farmed all my own gear promotes legitimate gameplay for me :) OH, what really does it for me is when I ask someone with 4k stats to build and they go all "I don't know how to build... I haven't built before... I don't know what to do... etc" Then I might as well go play some single player oriented game which will likely have more content and better class balance. What's the point of having 1) loot-based gameplay and 2) multiplayer if you can't show off your gear? Whenever I get some really nice item in that single lucky run out of 10, it kills my enjoyment to realize that someone else has an infinitely better item with none of my time investment or effort.
  7. Idk, there must be something about one of your mate's machines causing it, because I've met many evil apps, and I'm always on Jester, but I don't encounter this. It doesn't happen for every player, but for those for whom it does, it happens consistently.
  8. Some people use Alt accounts for more storage. If they only have like 2 trophies, but an Ult set, it's most likely an alt account I'd say it's most likely a hacker.
  9. ... Let's just stick to how it is now. Unite the builders AND those who discuss about map builds, these are the real players out there who enjoy playing this game, shun away from "DPS" or non-builder players. My own verdict: those who build 99% legit players, 1% hackers who attempt hard enough to play legitly. My own verdict: Can't build and DPS in public map? if good gears, 100% hackers. if decent gears, 99% hackers. If no gears, I'll personally talk them into discussing some map builds so they can stand on their own. I understand your point, but I don't see it that way myself. I play DD primarily as a role-playing game, and the goal of any RPG is the improvement of your virtual avatar. The only way in which your characters improve in DD is through better stats, and gear is the most prominent indicator of your status as a player. When someone joins your game, the first thing you see isn't their skill or knowledge, it's their gear. As such, I personally think I deserve to have the guarantee that someone with better stats than me is also the better player. I deserve to have the guarantee that my characters and gear won't be looked down upon by someone who hasn't invested even a fraction of the time and effort I have. However, DD gives me no such guarantees, and as the hard caps keep getting pushed yet nothing is done to promote legitimate gameplay, that fact looms over my enjoyment of the game more and more.
  10. I don't think we need more space in the item box, at least Ultimate Defenders don't. More space on the tavern floor would be great though, all those Obsidians and Supreme accessories tend to fill it up quickly. :P
  11. There is tons of little conveniences like that which many people don't know about because they are NEVER mentioned in the game. For example, it took me over 2000 hours to realize I can distribute my hero points in chunks using the Ctrl and Shift keys, and over 2500 to find out heroes can be sorted in the hero select screen using the Alt key. I think it is really time for the loading screen messages to be updated or something. :D
  12. Genies shouldn't suck auras if you don't upgrade them. The key to single crystal builds is to only upgrade the towers at the "main" crystal and leave the other crystals completely unupgraded. That way, all the djinns will be drawn to your "main" crystal. For cat farm, I build all the turrets and minions at the South core and leave the Mid and North cores with only unupgraded auras, gas traps and Inferno traps buffed by a single unupgraded Buff Beam. Trying to leave South alone has resulted in Golden orcs getting through in the past, so I personally recommend defending South and leaving the other two cores alone. Your stats sound about right, but if you have trouble with your auras dying down, use Jester as your active hero and use the "Heal All" combo (three red bottles).
  13. You can use the Report a Player form to report in-game misconduct not limited to hacking or real money trading, or you can message one of the people listed in the Rules thread. However, there is not a whole lot they can do because scamming is not a bannable offense; at most they can ask him to right the situation. Your chance of success is better if the person in question is a forum regular, however even that won't give you a 100% guarantee. There are known scammers among forum regulars too who refuse to mend their ways as the rules don't explicitly require them to. Your best bet is to simply inform others, though not through these forums as it's forbidden here to call out players by their SID/nick. Next time you trade with someone, let them know who you got scammed by and if you can get a few respected members of the community to believe you, there is a chance the word will spread.
  14. I think we've had this discussion many times before and some of us even got banned for it. But I guess I might as well throw in a few cents since I'm about done with this game and these forums either way. :P I know RNG is RNG and some people do get awesome drops from time to time. That you've never won the lottery doesn't mean no one ever wins. But when some win the lottery every week while others win never, that's where I call bollocks. My logic says there should be more odd single Ult pieces floating around than full sets. Moreover, my logic says there should be more Supreme sets than Ultimate sets. However, in reality neither is the case; the majority of people seem to either have full Ult sets or nothing. Combine the fact that hacking is so easy even a trained monkey could do it. Sure, hackers do get banned eventually, and sure, 95% of the pieces they create will be obvious even to an untrained eye. But considering a hacker can generate a nigh-infinite quantity of items out of thin air, and how some have made an art of evading bans and using alt accounts, that 5% would be more than enough to account for every Ult piece in existence and more. I have 2.9k hours in DD and counting, at least half of it after Supreme was introduced. In that time I got all my characters decked out in 90% self-farmed high-end Trans with a couple Supreme pieces thrown in and that's about it. That is pretty much where the game stopped rewarding me in terms of armor because none of the Ultimate pieces I looted were even remotely worth my time. So I really found myself at a standstill there. I can solo Crystalline Dimension NMHC and pretty much every map and challenge in the game. I got every DPS and builder to level 100. I got Ultimate Defender. The only thing left to do for me is improve my stats. Call me childish, but it personally ruins my enjoyment of the game when I see people who have clearly invested much less time and effort, with stats that I have never even come close to. However, the game just refuses to cooperate with me in that regard. It really doesn't seem possible in my eyes to gather an Ult set, or even a decent collection of single high-end pieces like the ones seen as parts of sets, without referring to forums and/or afkshops. In the end, there is not really much to discuss here. Does the fact your Ult set passes Item Check with flying colors make it better than a random pubbie's Ult set that is off just by a couple points? According to the Rules it does. Should being a regular forum poster with many in-game hours make you immune to questioning? Perhaps it shouldn't, but what other option have we got? No matter how much we debate it, beyond a certain point it's a simple choice. Embrace the status quo and buy your way into Ultimate, accepting all the implications - or stop progressing.
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