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  1. So the "effects" this map will have are reducing the grind extensively? How is this a bad thing? This boggles me. I don't play games to grind. I don't play games to hammer away at one map for hours on end without ever seeing a decent item. This is not fun. This is not good design. If the game only lasts a week or two for you, because that's how long it takes to get good items, then the problem is with you, not with the game. The problem is you're staring at this game and all you want to do is grind. Grinding should never be the focus of a game. The focus should be on enjoyable, engaging game
  2. This is what always happens though in these situations. Some of the end game players immediately start complaining how about how it makes things easier while simultaneously farming the crap out of it. Result: the players who already had the best gear get even better gear and the newer players who don't have as much time to play get shafted again. If they're gonna buff it then fine, but I think in the interest of fairness they could at least wait a week or so before fixing it. This. I remember not playing DD for a while, then coming back an trying nightmare. While all the players who al
  3. I'd love to get my girlfriend a copy of this for her birthday; I'm slowly turning her to the darkside of addictive gaming.
  4. I don't personally agree about holding off on upgrades. The mana it takes to up a pre-myth set is inconsequential compared to the mana that upgraded set can propel you to. If you farm up and Zspend a couple hundred mil for upgrades it will likely boost your stats enough to help you get those Myths which will help you do content that brings mana in at a much higher rate. I agree; I was of the mind that not upgrading until I found the perfect set was better than upgrading low end gear. however, even low end gear with a decent number of upgrades might help a lot. If you want to find better
  5. Appreciate the advice, I'll look into seeing if I can finish insane shards.
  6. So I'm finally breaking into some easy Nightmare games (NM Spook is my current farming map of choice) and have been getting some 200mil pets in the tavern store. These tend to be Animi with 100-ish stats and base damage of 500-700 with 90-100 ups. Given that high level play tends to be with guardians and that nightmare nerfs Heroic pets to some extent, is it even worth purchasing these pets?
  7. I've managed up to the penultimate wave on hard before, so I might be able to help. PM me if you're interested.
  8. I think my favorite piece of weird RNG loot was a piece of "enchanted" myth armor that dropped with resists in the 10-15 range....and then a generic of 0. Meaning it wasn't even negative, but didn't even show up (couldn't be upgraded, or anything). That was a headscratcher.
  9. Just drop a barricade or two and then towers behind at every major choke and use another tower or two to defend trees from wyverns.
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