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  1. Why some stats covered up? Let me guess, duping? God damn it must be that bad if you need to do that. '._. Nice pawnshots tho.
  2. May I have a pic of it? Just curious, plus, ult++ armor is always beautiful. :D
  3. yup making it useless didnt notice! You underestimate the power of melee sparus.
  4. Well, I got my toons to 74 with some help(one run of NMHC TD(ty Warmonger :D)) and now I get to wave 20 NMHC MQ no problem, soon enough I'll have some good myth sets.
  5. Oh yes, I definitely can do that with 400-600 tower damage toons. Haha, no. I know that they give a lot xp, but I can't do those.
  6. ... By too easy, I mean my toons are 70-72, and I can easily get to wave 12(I quit there) of NMHC MQ survival, which is enough for (rarely)100+ stat myths. And I can't even use those yet. Any easy ways to get toons to 74? :/ I know InsaneHC glitterhelm, but that's a grind.
  7. Without pictures we can't say anything. 200+ can be legit, but can be a hacked piece(though I can imagine most hackers go for higher stats, a little bit above 300 on a stat(on armor, weapons are a different story))
  8. Hey how do you change the look of the charcthers like that? I just started the PC version today from PS3 Skins. Not sure if PS3 even has skins(haha), but if it does, it probably shows their default portraits. Here the portraits match the skins. That's why I said it was looking too good. So many skins for a low level player. hehehe.
  9. What's your steam ID? I always love starting new characters and would love to join you playing through the campaign :) http://steamcommunity.com/id/gxgx55/ Also, my DPS monk is already 56, apprentice 53, EV 33, so it'll take a bit to catch up :D Also, if you're from the american timezones, we won't meet as much, because I'm european. Feels refreshing coming back to DD for me too, though I still think the amount of DLC is a little ridicolus the prices seem much more reasonable than I can remember, still working on getting a good deal through steam trading, having also found one or two p
  10. same as me stopping playing for like 3 or 4 months when tinkerer dlc released started playing again will stop again though game wont keep me entertained much Heh. Well, restarting is actually fun IMO. Also, just hit 2k hours. Wasn't far from it when I quit, but only I got to it.
  11. That's great, but starting from 0 is really tedious. I REGRET NOTHING. There always people who are willing to help on online. Nah, I want to run through the campaign like good old times. Last time I did it was when i started playing this, 1.25 years ago. The last piece of new content, before Tinkerer's Lab, was four months ago. Temple of Love. So safe to say, a lot of us have been playing less/none in the same period of time as you. Aside from the Community Events, which I never miss, and God bless those. This is a great incentive to come back to regular play, however, and many have done
  12. Yeah, I did. I REGRET NOTHING. I got a godly staff. When I am level 20. Yo RNG, a bit too early, man.
  13. Well, it'll take a while till I actually can do Tinkerer's lab, since I'm currently slaughtering everything in.... Hard HC MQ. Also, my swap hero screen looks... too good for someone whose highest level is 17. Hah. (Also forgot to rename my barb. that's -50k mana for me in the future.)
  14. What's up? No, seriously, what's up. What have I missed during the past third of a year. So today I decided to return, for no reason to be honest. Why not. And then I see there's a new patch and DLC. How handy. Just want to ask, did cubes and other value items continue to inflate? It has been a while, wouldn't be surprised to see them worthless by now. Well, time to go through the campaign(for those that don't know, I sold or deleted(mostly worthless stuff was deleted) everything I had, and then donated every bit of it to a giveaway. Then I deleted all my toons. I have nothing. Except troph
  15. Hee hee! Welcome to my UNDEAD tea party! It's so good that you'll DIE! Hee hee! EDIT: And only now I notice you need to be 18+ to get the beta code. Darn.
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