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  1. Ive done almost everything there is to do. Gotten all the achievements, got a set of ultimate dps and tower gear, beaten every map (besides the new turkey map), and upgraded almost all my characters to level 90. Barely find any nightmare games and the ones I do are just afk magus quarter survival games. I think I'm getting bored of this game, haven't touched it in over a week now. What should I do?
  2. I just got an ultimate steam saw from sky city and its a level 100 weapon with 340 ups. Do level 100 weapons still get the same upgrade rate as other weapons do? Would this level 100 steam saw get the same upgrades a level 90 does?
  3. I never had any real problems with this map before. Only once it crashed (but I wasn't even the host) but now every single time I host this map, on the final wave my game crashes. I know its not my computer because the map doesn't lag at all. Ive tried playing this map 3 times already all 3 times on the final map its crashed. Why is this? I never had this problem before it seems to happen after the last patch.
  4. ... i dont think i can put 100+ items in item check but if u can lucky u, and its annoying when some noobs just go around saying hack hack hack, i dont care if they think my items or anyone else items r hacked just make the fking report but dont go tavern from tavern trying to annoy players,is it that hard to shut up ur fking ***-mouth and just make the fking report? I don't need to put ANY items into item check. Blessed gear CANNOT have all 4 resistances. Ill report, sure. But there's nothing satisfying about that. And by the time that person gets banned another poor person might end u
  5. Entering a shop full of people, calling the host out on his hacked armor, and getting kicked in the very second I called him out lol. It puts a smile on my face, really does. Someone once told me that blessed armor cannot have all 4 resistances. I've been using that information to determine what is hacked lately. And funny enough almost every ultimate armor shop I find, there's a blessed piece of armor with all 4 resistances. Could be wrong information, I don't know, but its funny and probably makes the shop host look pretty bad :P
  6. The build I used that actually worked very well. Started with the mandatory reflector first thing, then I put only archers first wave. Put a row in the very middle, put 2 by each of the top cores, and put 2 by the isolated core. Second wave I had enough mana to finish building almost everything. Finished off with more archers and a necromancer at each area. Put the 3 mandatory auras by each core (mainly for wyverns) and 3 in middle. Then put the obvious buff beams. Put only 4 harpoons (1 by the isolated core for wyverns, 1 on each other core again for wyverns, and 1 facing middle just for gene
  7. Well at the least could there be more mana added in the first round? 300 per chest like The Kings Game? I'm seriously having a hard time coming up with a build the first wave with the little mana they give. Hmm I actually think I have a good thing going with minions in very beginning actually.
  8. To be entirely honest I didn't enjoy the map too much. I feel like there are way too many spawns and not enough mana in the beginning to build properly for the first wave. The core left of the forge takes inevitable damage from archers unless you set up reflectors (which not everyone has) or build very close towers. I think the pathway near that core should just not be there at all. Wave 11 is just absurd. Honestly, there shouldn't be that many mini ogres. It causes lag and breaks the sound. And the final wave is extremely tedious because the heroes cannot attack your crystals anyways, so once
  9. I didn't crash but I got some terrible lag. Second to last wave there is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many mini ogres. My sound starts to screw up and my game lags a lot. Final wave is also very long and tedious. I don't think the heros should have 20mil hp each. And they can't even attack the core so once you defeat all the mini ogres thats it you're done. There's also too many spawns and not enough DU. And the core on the right of the map gets hit by archers unless you put reflectors in front of it, so I don't know how to survive if you don't have an EV. I'm gonna be honest I didn't really like this
  10. Not sure, but if you were to give me a price id take it off your hands. ;)
  11. Alright Ill try it out when I can, thanks! In the in game options though theres only an option for hotkeys 1 - 4, not 5 and 6. Unless theres more in the configure menu.
  12. I recently bought the barbarian because it was on sale (and Im cheap with money lol) and I'm loving him so far. I only have one thing I'm really iffy about. His hawk stance is number 0. It makes it very inconvenient to use because you have to either take your hands off WASD to use it and stop moving for a little bit or you have to take your hand off the mouse and stop attacking to use it. So its kinda hard to use it with a good combo. Is there any possible way to change the key used for it to like 6? And put that on 0?
  13. That video seems fairly old. Because you could just do kings game now in one NMHC game and get to 74.
  14. Well I mean being the developers of the game and all, wouldn't they be able to come up with something? Perhaps just making it 6 separate waves?
  15. I love to farm boss rush (since there are never any boss rush games, ever), but one thing I don't like is (Just like how the monster fests used to be) the slow, tedious timer in between bosses. Would it be possible to add the same feature that was added to monster fest to boss rush, to be able to G in between bosses?
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