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  1. That's an interesting idea. Sending it over to the designers right now. Awesome, Laura thanks for doing that. I had no idea instance looting was set up for DD2. I really hope the devs consider this for a bit of extra excitement on some of those longer waves. :)
  2. Ah, yes. Misunderstood there. Hmm, now the troll looting would pose a problem with the loot not being your own drops.. I doubt loot drops would be changed at this point but it would be nice if everyone had their own drops.
  3. I always thought it would be neat if there was a chance that a rare mob could spawn on a map. Whether this was tied to certain maps/waves it could have special loot as well. Anyways, as a long time lurker and an old DD1 player I though I should mention it. :)
  4. Very much looking forward to this! :)
  5. Perhaps an answer is to give more time if there's only 1 player ingame? I would certainly love a bit more time to gather mana at the start.
  6. I've been wondering if this would help the longevity of DD if rare mobs were included. It would take awhile to track them all down and perhaps they would have a chance of dropping higher quality loot. What does everyone think?
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