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  1. Gambler's still has the avantage of piercing shots, but Sparus has AoE... Sparus <3
  2. The real story is that everyone was dead due to silly mistakes, except WinterBraid. he beautifully behaved till the last head-level-rising, where he just stood still, and died due to the glitch. So much rage in this :(
  3. Bump... Since it seems that the mana bomb issue is too hard to fix, how about just removing the dark apprentice from the game? Is these any news on this? I've heard this only happens if there's someone who hovers, or someone builds something. That fits my experiences, though I've only tried practice so far. We didn't hover, or build something either :/
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Akatiti survival award monkeys? that would be why they are higher than trans :)
  5. Yes, EV can be a really good DPS character. Huntress has the upped damage ramp, but EV has the blast/second wep. my EV has 2k blast and 3k attack, combined with a 193k pawn shot. deals 120M DPS on the tavern dummy. (with a 196 boost cat) Depends if you want to play blast only or to wait for mana to load up (which is what I do) cause mana is kind of easy to get with ogres. Also you should get some real good resistances as EV's health is mid-range, so it's important not to get owned :)
  6. Would be nice to get Capt Dredd over to ranked. I mean Isom and Steig are known to have hacked ones out there, so I really don't see what the issue with Dredd is. Event pets> Access. That. Except that, I loved the event and its rewards, we all had great fun killing that FRIGGIN' CUPID :D Dragon ate my Pbeam in the face and died , RIP. In other words, I had some real fun out there, and I think this is the best event made atm. :)
  7. Ult++ > Ult+ > Ult > Sup > Trans > Myth > Not-myth > 0 That help any? Forever alone Supreme got forgotten :D Well tbh I'd maybe give a billion for a zamira set. not that useful at my point in game :s
  8. ^ I was wondering when you would show up with those beasts. :D
  9. I didn't get if your Jester is a DPS or a builder. If it's a builder, it's quite pointless (imo) to up dps because you will switch chars for a DPS one at the beginning of combat phase.
  10. I know what he means. in DD, there are three kind of cameras. First Person (which I never use), Over the Shoulder (always used by me) and finally some kind of overview. in Skyrim, no matter how far away you zoom, you are always in control of the char while in 3rd person. I recommend, if you want to DPS, to use the OTS view, as you can get a good look of your surroundings and use the minimap (Lshift) to see where you are dynamically.
  11. Portal Gun is quite useless on Huntie... How are you going to attack? :D (Pets can be a solution but meh) We tried it with friends, if you stay on the ship after crystal's invincibility activated, you will suffer more than 1 million damage (a friend tried to stay on ship, just to try it, with turtle stance, full 500K hp and he died instantly ^^) Also, you can jump thrice on the boss, once south (place where the boss is first), once on spawn point, and then just after his flamethrower attack (though with a barb on tornado) to deal some additional pain , and then jump with fans to land behind the north crystal. From there, you can use the ultra-powerful fan to finally get on land. Third jump is risky if you don't feel like it, and is barb-only (tornado)
  12. No, barb/squire/jester are probably the easiest b/c of their ridiculous HP. His flame attacks hurt :mad: My barb with a fairy approves, it hurts pretty bad. :( with 90% res everywhere, I still get 9k damage on touch with the fire :(
  13. http://qkme.me/3sg3vs Happened to me once :D
  14. "7.47b * Added a powerful new item quality class -- can you find them?!" ... Please Trendy, this isn't what we want D: we want the RNG not to be STUPID, not ANOTHER powerful quality we will see on crappy items... We don't want Supremes with ~150 stats and 150 ups, the only one ULT+ reward I got was insta-vendored because it wasn't even worth looking at, and games are getting harder and harder for crappier and crappier rewards. And now, they get even more dragged down because another top quality took ult+'s place. ;(
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