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  1. Click play on the youtube video before proceeding to the rest of the post: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uz-GseBt3yQ&t=0m52s [spoiler] [/spoiler] DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT TELLING ME WHAT TO DO ON THESE FORUMS I DO WHAT I WANT so you can see it again
  2. Hello my friends, With the final DD1 Event coming. I'm curious, How has your adventure been through Dungeon Defenders? The good, the bad, and the Ugly? My experience has been great. Getting the game back in January of 2012, and joining the forums in January. Interacting with the community has been the best thing that I have ever experienced. I do not regret joining the community. I love the people, I love the game. Not so much about the toxics, but we can forget about that. I'd love to hear your stories! Thanks for reading! ~Nekro
  3. Well, Rizz told me I should sign up for this. So I will. SID: Nekro Night Nekro Night
  4. Just something random, anyways I've been having a terrible month, my desktop broke, motherboard is dead. I also broke my arm. [[4231,hashtags]]
  5. Nekro, please tell me you honestly don't believe that just because someone is well respected that they can't be a hacker? Articuno hacker Confirmed. He has them now anyways. Trobba gave them to him
  6. Honestly, they're priceless if traceable. It's not even an item that should be valued. If ever put up for an auction, its' value is whatever the public throws at it to acquire. But even if it were to sell for 1k+ cubes in value, that doesn't fully determine what they're worth. That just determines what that single bidder would go through to get it. Although in this economy, it doesn't seem too difficult to accumulate such currency. Unfortunately so; Too bad it'll go to someone well respected.
  7. wow only 8... They were given for a special event that most of peoples failed? no, most are gone due to accounts getting banned, don't quote me on that. The event was around Feb 2012? IIRC.
  8. is it because they are rare that they worth so much? because they dont look like having good stats? Yes, They are THE rarest item in the game, only Approx~ 8 Legitimate pairs Exist and most known pairs exist with inactive people, or have been given to others, I.E Articuno
  9. Hello old friends, Or those who remain here. I was just lurking around on the trading forums, and was curious about the amount of inflation that happened. So, I thought in the back of my mind, What are ArmGuards of Earth Worth? I'm guessing a pair hasn't popped up in a while, so there would be no real price on it, but what would people pay for it? What if this was a real auction, what would you bid on them? For those new These are Armguards of Earth. I do know of someone with a REAL pair, so don't worry. If they actually do go up for auction, They'll be given to someone else,
  10. Oh boy, when I saw this thread, I remember when these things were completely Worthless... Enjoy the free bump
  11. Can I bid me getting back on the game, it's worth atleast 150 cubes
  12. Articuno making me do an entry literally last minute. D_D 1. Weapon or Pet Type: Squire weapon - Shield - Mobile Moxie - Flamewarder - Ancient Aegis - 2. Weapon or Pet Name: Defender Bulwark 3. Weapon or Pet Color: Main: Blue, Secondary: White. (Don't know what primary and secondary is on the shield, I'd need to know which looks better :B) 4. Weapon or Pet Description: Passed on from Hero to Hero, Defending Etheria from evil. 5. Weapon or Pet Forge Name: Nekro 6. Weapon or Pet Size: Realistically sized. Nothing to clip hard. (Keeping it lore Friendly, I like to keep it real)
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