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  1. damn solid build. thanks so much :) had a couple of hits on the crystal on first wave, but that was it. 2nd wave and after was smooth sailing. does this really work since the addition of the paraorges + copters?
  2. oh yeah i was in your shop, but there was nothing there so i was confused
  3. what are thoughts on djinnlet/imp for afk repairs?
  4. Ive seen people using many different combos for their upgrading/repair summoner. I use monkey/genie since it gets mana very fast but the monkey has crazy range so i can stay back in safer areas and still get mana. My buddy does robot/genie to get mana in basically one hit with the pierce. Sadly robot dps sucks so... What is your prefered combo for summoner? Id love to get a general consensus on what the preferred pet combo is
  5. Ya end ogres take way 2 long....its retarded... holy thread necro batman!
  6. glad to hear im not the only one getting monk wrenches with crap drops on sky city. Ive done it around 10 times in the last 3 days and only gotten one monk wrench with over 150^, but had no extra projectiles...
  7. Which one reigns supreme these days (for ranged dmg)? Im currently using a 32.5k lemaurian halberd and looking to get a better monk wep. Is it the eternian spear? The monk wrench? Is the STS still king? Also, i know monk wrenches get 187 ranged per upgrade is that number higher if the weapon is ultiamate?
  8. doesnt matter if you are melee or ranged you want to go player attack > player health > hero boost
  9. The monk wrench from sky city gets 245 melee damage per upgrade and the same attack speed as the bug beater if im not mistaken. Best that i know of
  10. So a couple guys in a PUG were talking about this. I know there is a limit to how much loot can be out on a map at any time. During a wave after so much starts dropping the original loot starts to disappear. Is that loot auto-sold right there and added on the total mana gained after the next wave starts or is it gone forever? I ask this so we know whether or not to grab as much loot as possible during the wave before it all despawns. or if we shouldnt even risk it knowing that the loot will be autosold anyway.
  11. So ever since ive gotten the game ive piggybacked off of my friend who is pretty good. Ive a dps monk at lvl 79 with around 4mil dps. I have a bunch of other characters around lvl 70. The only somewhat decent set of armor i have is on my monk. the rest is garbage godly. Since i dont have any strong tower characters i cant really farm anything and get better sets of armor, so im kind of stuck in a rut. Recently got the 2 new characters and so did my friend so we are lvling them up in aquanos. Even when they get to 74 i dont have any good gear for them to wear. I need some help/advice: how do i
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