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  1. I'm still in the low levels but here's my current checklist: 1. Defeat my brother's level 52 Apprentice in level (Check) 2. Catch all my characters up to my Apprentice 3. Play all main maps on Easy and Medium (Check) 4. Play all maps on Hard and Insane 5. Complete all challanges 6. Find out how to get a certain crystal 7. Get unsick so I can start playing DD again. (Uncheck :( )
  2. I was pretty much there trying to get kills and lvl up my Squire, since I wasn't expecting to actually stay through wave 14. I think I may have tried to rejoin later-- but the host told me his game crashed. Glad I left.
  3. After a while of failing survival, I decide to just join someones survival game and it goes great. It's on the map Foundries and Forges, on easy, I take the middle while the very awesome host takes the right, we both share the left side. Later, during 12 wave, a person with impossible gear joins, I'm annoyed, but at least this guy takes the left side. On the 13 wave, another impossible person joins- this is where things go downhill. One of those impossible people goes on my side and starts killing, it doesn't bother me at first, until he starts using lt over and over and it kills literally e
  4. I'm sure you all know the problem 360 has, well I ran into an assault match. I must have read it wrong, because I thought it said medium, but it turned out to be insane. Anyway, I saw someone talking and went to get my mic to hear them and I realized that these people's weapons weren't legit, and before I could log out, the host completed the challange, twice. So here I am, in my tavern, worried that I somehow got a hacked blasticus. Both of them have normal stats, but the white color on them worry me. Is a blasticus supposed to be white?
  5. They have just released the names of the victims. Unfortunately, I could not get them all or the ones I have gotten full names because my pause button is broken. Some of the names were: Chase Kowalski, Ana, Catherine, Jesse, Dawn, and doveline?.
  6. Really sorry I can't provide the name of the item or a picture of it, the story will explain. My youngest brother had an item that was odd. It seemed like it was an event item. Well recently, he deleted all his characters on his account (Most likely the items too) because he was bored. (Only level 83, had no updates, no spider place, no aquanos, nothing. He also only had a squire.) Anyway, this item was for the squire, it was a spinning shield with spikes on it, and when you attack it sounded like a bird or when a spinny cut thing is cutting wood. Know if it was an event item or not?
  7. Just to keep everyone updated Obama recently made a speech and was crying while doing so. And from what I heard it isn't just kindergarteners being killed, the kids were all ages 5-10.
  8. A 360 and 3 month Xbox Live membership! So excited because I can finally play Dungeon Defenders (And other games) without the risk of my account being deleted!
  9. I just saw it on the news, poor kids and parents. :'( If you have no idea what I'm talking about, a gunman went to a school and killed his mom (a teacher) 20 kindergarteners, 8 adults (Including the principle) and injured the Vice Principle. What was your reaction to this horrible thing?
  10. And there is one of mine <---- His name is Skunk/Skunky/Charles/Sir Charles and likes to steal other cats food and pee on carpets.
  11. You'e best watch out for those Orcs/Dark Mage/Ninjas/etc in disguise...
  12. Isn't it going to be the end of the world when all the bacon lovers have no more bacon? QUICKLY TAKE ALL OF THE BACON! >:3
  13. Anyone have any random dreams lately? Last night I had a messed up dream that I don't remember much, all I remember is the Apprentice had a had that could talk and it got EXTREMLY CREEPY. Long story short I ended up jumping out of a window. It turned from a random 'Lolwut?' dream into a 'HOLYMEOWWHATISTHISIDON'TEVENAAAAAAHHHHHHHGETMEOUTOFHERE' :L
  14. So who was all there other than Hitmon. and Laura? I spent 30 minutes on my Wii and 3DS trying to watch and gave up. :(
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