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  1. I agree with the posted right before me, since Shards 4 (Sky City) this game has gone downhill. Its almost as if Trendy doesn't care that something is broken. It makes no since that a new level of items are introduced and the previous levels became more rare? Also the fact there is something wrong with the RNG, its mostly with the amount of upgrades causing good items to rollover more frequently and reducing their item quality type. I have already bought a couple new games, and may come back and play occasionally because the basis of this game is fun. Trendy needs to fix many balance issues
  2. There is a penalty for kicking players mid-wave... the loot on the ground gets lost. So kicking to gain the loot is dumb. But I 100% agree with a greater penalty, like whatever towers were built by that player are auto sold. Also, How about the inability to gain a pet or reward for the host for the next wave or 2. If the host wants the pets or rewards at the end, don't abuse other players to get you there. (There needs to be a "lock defenses" option so other players cant sell towers if locked, but would be auto sold if the builder was kicked from game)
  3. Very good idea, the game could even pause, and be unplayable until steam resumes. I really hate losing my progress after spending 30 minutes building survival. Makes the game feel like a complete waste of time.
  4. dont forget gas traps, or proxy traps, if you have more DU :)
  5. If you have Series EV & Summoner, build minion walls around the crystals, far enough ogres cant hit it... 3 archers, 1 mage, 3 archers 1 mage... put a buff beam on all minions, and then you should be fine. If you are trying to beat this without Series EV or summoner, you will find it harder... Make sure you have a monk with auras also... strength drain/electric/ensnare at every choke point so they do less damage to your defenses. There are many other strategies, but you will need many different builders to help you with the shards maps.
  6. I think option 1 should scale more than just select 1 to 4 players for a map. The amount of enemies was reduced for people who have less time to play, which is a great idea. But for those of us who want to spend more time without restarting, or increasing the challenge. We should have an option to increase the enemies above where they are now, so we can increase our challenge. Maybe call the mode: Extended Play, with option to increase 2x, 3x, 4x and even 5x the amount of current enemies per wave.
  7. make sure you put a monk aura stack (str drain/electric/ensnare/heal) plus a buff beam on it. Where you plan to fight kraken. This helps keep you alive longer, then do as Andy says above.
  8. Yes, this game has lost its life for me... Drop qualities reduced, nothing to really shoot for... Trendy should release some impossible maps, for those endgame veterans with REAL DROP RATIOS, this would at least give us more things to play before we fully quit.
  9. Barb > Monk when no towers are in play. When towers are in play, Monk > Barb. A team of barb and monk are a great combo like the above said. but if I had to choose 1 or the other... Monk wins hands down.
  10. The reasons why Monk is a better DPS is... 1) He can use ranged weapons 2) Tower Boost (Makes towers do 2-3 times more dps & Heal most defenses at same time) 3) Hero Boost (Makes Pet/Weapon 2-3 times more dps & Heal your hero at the same time) Barbarian is good, but Monks just simply are better overall for builds and survival.
  11. If you have an auction house, you need to make sure that you have unique/untradable items that you can only earn yourself and those are better than anything you can buy. This helps some people progress with some gear from shops/auction house and then be able to actually start farming their own good stuff. I do love how often Trendy makes patches, I dislike how poor things are tested before patches are released. You cant compare D3 to this, D3 is a joke. Its turned into a pay to progress game, which really ruins any game. Along with such a short, very boring when you repeat it game. One s
  12. Q: How many cubes does it take to buy the BEST possible item in the game when the seller doesn't value cubes? A: None, he doesn't want worthless space taking junk
  13. I have not had good results, 0 supreme/ultimate wrenches on both NM and NMHC attempts.
  14. I have ran this map 10 times or so, and nothing better than mythical gamblers pole, its very frustrating. I honestly think when they "turn up" the quality or better drops, it actually makes it worse. When upgrades roll over, it auto forces the item to be a lower quality, this is what seems to be happening quite frequently. I have seen supremes drop with 6 or 12 upgrades, ultimate the same. I have had mythicals with 300 stats on every stat, and value over 30m drop with 1/1 upgrades. Why are there not presets out there, if the god of the randoms accidentally gives you something good, it at le
  15. You can lock the items before pressing sell all, you can press L when hovering over the item you want to lock/unlock, or move items into a sub folder like the previous post says. Sell all only implies to the current folder, and not any sub folders.
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