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  1. So the new bonus map came out a few minutes ago so I played it on easy only to find out the boss is Demon Lord back from the dead with armor, thought that was pretty cool and all until I saw his health 616 Million! There needs to be a nerf for this Straight away. There is no way if someone is a low level and plays this on easy that they will beat this and it is unfair for it to be like that. adding a screenie in a sec http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198066759740/screenshot/595849980738499960?tab=public
  2. YES, THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS, You are amazing :D i'd only wear this plus a shark and copter hat would be cool too
  3. I have a piece of crap, with a power cord shoved into it. when it starts lagging just leave the area for a second and let it have a breather from all them goblins
  4. So I play on ranked, but i was wondering when I play on Open, if i do make some modded equips and i don't sell them from mana or USD and just use them for the lolz is it wrong? short thread, I just want to know the rules on equip modding / hacking
  5. at this moment there is 25 days left and they have raised over 4 million dollars, while a 99 dollar system is pretty cool but there are limits on the android system, so they will not be as advanced as PC games but can still be pretty good
  6. im not to sure about DD2 all the time i put into characters gone, and what could they REALLY do to DD2 that'd be game changing, they have to change enough that its worth buying but they can't change to much and feel like its not the same experience. really new monsters seem a bit pointless what more could they add? if anything they should just add expansion after expansion with more characters and maybe a Mo' Monsters dlc because i doubt i'd buy DD2 if it was basically the same game with taller characters which you can already have in the first game.
  7. im looking into making a dps monk where would one find a junbao's sun kissed saber
  8. if you want to be a meat shield you need health . . .
  9. +1 its the most annoying thing when the round timer is down to 5 and i still can't grab mythical gear cuz of the garbage in the way
  10. While the "who kicked me" list is stupid i would be glad to see some sort of list that you can have the option of seeing it and if players report some one for say taking a huge amount of items in a nm survival etc. like a troll list. now it could be abused but thats my idea . . .
  11. yes this would be helpful, i do not own the summoner but it seems that they can have much to large of archer zergs IMO
  12. that'd be pretty cool, i could brag about my -10000 projectile speed staff that i picked up in a nm hc magus quarters survival lol
  13. OTS is far more superior to First Person, why limit your sight? now the top down view is kind of a fail for anything but melee and even then its not too good, with OTS you get the best of both worlds, almost first person with much better peripherals
  14. interesting but it seems like they'd just be milking this game
  15. The fact is monk just has it all, he has HP something app and hunt DON'T have, he has melee something app and hunt DON'T have, he ALSO has alright range, something that squire DOESN'T have, which makes his extra HP not as important. He even has nice speed. not as fast as hunt but still fast. AND he can up the damage of others around him and towers around him. AND THATS NOT IT he can slow enemies down like hunt's gas trap but much better, he can do fire and lightning damage like hunt's inferno trap and app's lightning tower, respectively. add those up, he is the best choice one can make. they m
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