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  1. So when are these sign ups, so we don't miss them?
  2. Bump again, ran Crystaline on NM again and got a Trans with 132^ and terrible stats, come on, why can't I even get a response.
  3. Ok,interesting, and yeah HID and IOkit is definitely something to do with a gamepad. And yes I have beaten survival many times, however it seems I am crashing now more so than ever. I can't seem to start Crystaline on Nightmare any more. Or get too far in survival anymore the game ends up glitching and I can't damage mobs, or it crashes.
  4. Seconded, at least pause the state of the game, I can't tell you how many times I have built and got all ready for a match for it to disconnect me as soon as I hit start, it is the most annoying thing to waste 30 or so minutes building for absolutely nothing.
  5. Question, being a developer myself, and having a nearly identical machine, I am wondering if you have installed 3rd party libraries that this game may use. Ie since unix uses relative pathing and lookups to find current libraries etc, I wonder if you have installed for example an incompatible version of an audio decoder. This should could likely be the problem. Because I have seen that most of those seem to do with audio and maybe you have installed and incompatible version of libvorbis which is getting loaded in place of the bundled (if there is a bundled version) or in place of the system in
  6. I highly doubt the RNG is broken, what is broken is the logic that feeds the RNG to produce items of X quality within a range, or the maps quality multiplier. I really don't understand why TE can't just act like a mature company and step forward and say there is an issue and that they are going to fix it. If you have a load of complaints, then more than likely there is an issue, and I bet there are a load more people with the same problem who don't bother to even mention it. Patch 7.38 made loot worse, it's clear, and it has not been fixed since.
  7. Yea same here, in the shop I'm even getting tons of crap, right now 6 items in the tavern are 53 mana. I just random some assault pack 1 runs and got all my retributions with < 100 upgrades after 5 runs. The random generator is completely broken, the rollovers seem to happen every time for me, I am rather annoyed. I do not enjoy wasting hours to play a game only to get things that are completely useless. Useless even if I got them early game, and not end game, please fix this.
  8. Hi, so I have been playing this game for a while and it seems with every update I get worse and worse drop quality. I just played through Crystaline Dimension on Nightmare and got a mythical Eternia spear with 21 upgrades and terrible stats. This is completely unacceptable, not to mention that even when farming AQNMHCMM I cannot find anything usable, I have only ever found about 6 supremes, all which are crappier than the mythical on the map. I also often find Ultimates much more often than supremes, and they aren't any better than most of the trans I find on the map, what is wrong with this?
  9. Ok, so I just solo'd boss rush NMHC, guess what? I got all godly and 1 mythical, pissed, and thinking this was impossible, I ran again, and got only mythical. These are rewards for playing on HARD and Insane, what the hell is wrong with this game? I have done well over 25+ AQNMHCMM runs recently and only got 1 supreme and 2 ultimates, not to mention the 2 ultimates where useless weapons with stats worse than the mythicals on the map. I remember watching the Sky City screen cast and hearing "Don't worry if you even find a bad ultimate you won't be dissapointed" Well I can say this, I have yet t
  10. Sounds good, count me in! SID link in my signature!
  11. *holds breath for mac speed tests* I hope! ** Edit ** Seahorse still not fixed sadly :(
  12. rkovach927, do you mind sharing those engine config settings? I seem to get plagued with random bouts of lag, especially whenever a sea horse or stupid water blob staff are shooting.
  13. Hi I just got the new update on my map, and every time I try to start AQNMHC survival it crashes, this is absolutely terrible I have tried 5 times in a row to start on wave 13 and I never even make it to the map. Also while fixing this can you please get rid of the mac SH massive lag problem? And the insufferable FPS drop of auras and traps? No matter what settings I use it drops terribly on my 6750M. But, really if I can't play a map, like what did I pay for the DLC for? Comeon now. Here's the crash log, I'd like to play but I can't >:( this is not cool. Process: DunDef [217
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