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  1. Aw, love you too, Dace.
  2. When trading it is good to censor ++ items, at least the stats that arent useful and the last digit of those that are. This helps prevent hackers from duping the piece directly. Some buyers perfer it to be censored. If you dont care though, then you dont have to. It isnt a requirement, just a good practice. tbh, it'd be nice if you guys would stop blocking out these stats. it's doesn't make my hacking job easy. dupers gotta eat too. the original intent of this thread is cancer to the grandeu master race.
  3. gg couldnt ever be bothered to go back to update mine, someone had to do this at some point.
  4. which means that Arti has a DD net worth of around 45,000 cubes Technically I'm the other person with the full set.. Arti is just holding onto my Earth's for me since I quit playing years ago :) heh.
  5. tfw you want to get on ranked to shove your wealth in your friend's faces, but you can't even play with your PC friend's anymore cause you're a macman when did this issue come along? cause it was compatible back in the day. also, lol6monthbump. not sorry.
  6. 300 Cubes. 5 Doubles. 30 Singles. 500 in total. Out of curiosity, what do you value Love Guards at?
  7. Articuno

    WTA: stuff

    I love you, Colton.
  8. Articuno

    WTA: stuff

    Celeb C/O: Stieglitz C/O: Tiger C/O: Monkey C/O:
  9. Articuno

    WTA: stuff

    Don't care what you offer, I'm not very interested in anything. Just offer me things. Automatic trade for anyone who makes me a shiny blue Hawk with 144 on all stats. Preferably a big Hawk. I can't even preview my thread before posting it, anymore. And you guys got rid of the colors and my sig. What did you do to the forums, Josh? This place sucks. And I might sell this little guy if I get a really fun bid: Feel free to try to make your own, based off of this one's stats. But just know if there's a possible Ult Monkey running around the community some time after this thread is posted, y
  10. I like to not farm while I'm not farming. Turns out I can do things in life outside of DD. Who would've known?
  11. Marvin Gaye. Bill Nye or Neil deGrasse Tyson?
  12. Eh, I'll probably upload new pics, since my old ones are down.
  13. Got some art shiz, to draw and whatnot. And an Xbox One, but I got that as an early Christmas gift months ago. Much love for the giveaway, Miller. (I'd call you some kind of derogatory term, but I'd get a infraction). I'll be taking everything you have.
  14. I dont need anything and the things I want are not likely to come up on auction. Curious as to what those items are; mind sharing?
  15. @barehugs could probably get me to give her my items i have a softspot for her and maybe @classic22
  16. Nothing. I nor others could ever get him to do that. tru The best I think I could do is somehow persuade him for his third set armguards. That seems like a stretch even. It might be possible. But then I won't have 3 of every event item, and that'd be a problem.
  17. I bet a little flattery would tempt you to load up the game as well. :) But is it really flattery when it is true? Yea.. It really doesn't take much to tempt me to do anything. I budge easy.
  18. That wasn't a problem. Death just reset the bids back to the previous highest bidders. He ended it (if I remember correctly) because he had so many people making so many massive bids and he would rather have passed them on to someone he knew and trusted. So basically, Arti and Person teamed up and got all the old guards off of Death. Person got his set, and Arti locked the rest away in the vault. It really disappointed everyone who worked up enough to outbid because we were actually getting these old guards, then he just yanked them off. But hey, they're his items and he is free to do what he
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