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  1. thanks. what about any challenge maps, do those drop good weapons for monk?
  2. Can anyone please tell me what challenge or map gives this out? Thanks.
  3. ogre party hat is good fro melee dmg. a fully upd with 1900+ dmg is really good. skyreaper with 750+ dmg/ 4 additional proj. is really good ranged weapon.
  4. or a non-upped one with 285+poison and 29 upgrades
  5. Im looking for a skyreaper with +90 ranged dmg/27ups. Post or pm me if you have for trade please.
  6. Hey anyone wanna do summit insane with me. i have a lvl 70 monk and 70 squire but i cant beat it by myself. my gt is lotionmaster. send me a msg if you can help me please.
  7. i am interested in this, but i only have mana. would you take mana fir this item?
  8. it is from throne room insane with a monk. i was looking for a high dmg/27 upgrade one.
  9. Post stats and price please. I have mostly mana and so thats what i am interested in paying. thnx.
  10. Paying 5Million. message me GT- lotionmaster
  11. hey panik what stats is it?
  12. Hi. Can i get a high five please. ogre crush hard.
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