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  1. DD2 too much cartoonish plus the pets here are sucked!! Where is my giraffe or laser robot? Plus huntress here only shooting arrows so boring ...DD1 so much different guns she can used Soul Focuser or Shai ...
  2. I've played DD1 over 2 1/2 yrs I'll missed it very much not just me I have about 100 friends from DD1 wants DD1 back and many of them telling me if DD1 is coming back to PS4 they coming back if not they not going to play...a friend of mine quit Crazy_Craig7 quit many others ...we will to pay for $50 if Trendy bring back DD1.
  3. I'll missed my own private traven plus your can throw all your weapons, Pets, Amours on the floor so u can show all your friends that you work so hard for it. Seem like all the pets now on DD2 can't kill anything.. Y'all guys or gals agree with me
  4. Best game it's better than DD2 I don't like the graphics it's look like very cartoonish I miss the most is giraffe and laser robot pets.
  5. All my friends inventories are 384 max out but mine only 304. I like to know why only my account...is anyone out there have the same problem as me.
  6. I'll missed my old travel - you can display all your hard works & you can trade...can we trade later or no
  7. I am welcome back all my old friends from DD1. I can't wait to play DD2 on PS4 with my old friends plus new ones....Welcome Back guys!!!
  8. Hurry up Trendy...get rid of all those mods ...bring back the fun time of these game...Open up yall lobbies to see who got the real weapons ....BRING IT ON...
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