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  1. i believe the floor u need befor u can reset is based on how many times u have reset already - i myself reset 2 times (goto floor 66 last time) and it shows i only need to get to floor 31 now
  2. all gear and non guilded shards get reset along with ur ascension level ( u get a new min ascension lvl based on ur ascension+floor befor reset) u get no gold or anything back so u would need a lot of gold to get everything back upto max if u had a lot of gear u wanted to lvl up again each time
  3. from what i remember ur spose to get a weapon every 10 floors upto floor 100 then its every 20 - i myself climed upto floor 66 befor i reset and i got a weapon for every 10th floor except floor 60 didnt give me one (got 5 weapons total) edit: u only get the weapons once a climb so u cant just keep replaying floor 10 and get one each time u would need to reset to get more
  4. this is correct - there is only 3 rounds and you just need to shoot at his head area once u throw the rock at him.. can use towers to attack his head too .. i myself done this incursion a few times when i need a few extra medals.. can beat it in around 1 min and get 14 medals/ 31k gold
  5. it costs around 1.8 million gold , 40 plain motes and 50 shiny motes to get to c7 per relic u want to upgrade
  6. if u havnt played sence the update (believe it changed when MODs came) they removed the 3 stats from armor.. used to be armor+ 2 other stats like hero dmg+ hero health.. now its just armor + 1 stat so if u need more health u will want to get gear that actually has hero health on it or put hero health MODS on all your armor - its normal for characters with 0 points in hero health and no hero health gear to have only 6k ish health
  7. i just did reset myself a couple days ago and it will reset all your gear back to campaign lvl and reset your ascenstion lvl to what it says min is (will tell you befor u confirm reset) - i would sugest you have a LOT of gold befor u attempt this if you are planning to upgrade all your gear back up with you (just ruff idea it cost me around 1.8mill gold for each relic i upgraded from scratch back upto max chaos 7)
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