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  1. Oh.My.God. This is gonna be awesome, I can't wait for the finished version! (Psst, Trendy, if you can, add it to ranked as well.)
  2. One way to fix this would be to have it so that any loot that would be dropped by the chopper is not actually dropped, but instead flung into the map.
  3. If you want to avoid being kicked, host a game of your own, and play with friends. 90% of the public games I join are pretty unpleasant with instakicks and people mass-looting.
  4. Does that extend to the New Heroes DLC? (Countess, Initiate, Adept, Ranger)
  5. 1) Sky Captain 3) Steampunk Adept 2) Amazoness
  6. I am the creator of the Pallet Town map and I just thought I'd let you know that the legendary skins should (hopefully) be able to leave the top floors of the houses, I also added the re-done theme of Pallet Town to the map. Also I have made a new map after it, Viridian City (this is still work in progress) Is the first paragraph discussing Dungeon Defenders 2 that I heard mentioned somewhere a small while ago? You should do your own interpretation of Sylph Co, or Lavender Town Ghost Tower next. Also, one way to solve the balance issue brought about by the Summoner, would be to merge t
  7. Squire - Demoman Highlander (TF2), Jason Voorhees, Orc Minion, Thor (Norse Mythology) Countess - Steampunk Pirate, Valkyrie, Acorn Knight (Anthro Squirrel) Apprentice - Mage Minion, The Warmage, Harry Potter, Gandalf Adept - Baphomet (Female Goat Demon), Cleric Ranger - Sniper (TF2), Han Solo, Legolas, Serious Sam, Doom Space Marine, Archer Minion, Duke Nukem Huntress - Vasquez (Aliens Franchise) Monk - Chuck Norris, Sun Wukong, Takuma Tsurugi Barbarian - Warrior Minion, Werewolf, Dohvakiin Series EV - Robo-Spider Minion, Terminator, Robot Catgirl
  8. @ Alhanalem Well, let me put it this way. The Summoner is a way to add extra defenses even when the DU is used up. With a game mode that relies more on towers, that breaks balance. The Series EV would also be balanced if they didn't have wall-building abilities like they do now, and instead, have modes that enhance their shots. (Basically a DPS-Only counterpart to the Huntress/Ranger, like the Barbarian is to the Squire/Countess.) DLC character classes are fine, as long as they are used as a new way to play the game with new abilities and towers comparable to the core classes. It would be b
  9. Remove the flares from the Goblin Copters and buff up their health, and you will solve most of the problems in one go. It's not so much a problem of where they spawn, as it is the tower's inability to shoot them down due to the flares throwing them off.
  10. Is there any chance that you could make the Insane difficulty more challenging and, most importantly, more rewarding? (Honestly, the difficulty hike between Hard and Insane, as small as it is, is not as much rewarding over Hard, and does little to justify its existence.)
  11. Just wondering, since there's one for the Initiate, it's only fair that maybe more costumes of this type would be made?
  12. It's probably because Steamworks hasn't been updated with the new achievements. The Steam Workshop for DD isn't up yet either.
  13. This is why I suggested a more extensive forge system that allows you to potentially make your own set of ultimate/trans/myth gear from cursed/worn/torn gear, with the drawback being that it will cost an incredible amount of mana to forge, probably twice as much as the 600 mil standard demanded in shops.
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