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  1. Get 8 people together, create two teams (Builders vs. attackers). Builders have a specified amount of time to build their setup on the selected map defending their crystal, higher the difficulty the less time they have, defense units/mana available, less range their towers have, along with fire rate. Once the timer runs out, they can't build anymore and they can't attack the other team. Once this happens, attacking team tries to destroy building/defending team's crystal/defenses. Attacking team has limited lives, higher difficulty the less lives, health, and time the attacking team has and more resistance the defenses have to their attacks. This would serve as a rather fun thing for people to do when the game gets slow and they can just hop into one of these matches and just have fun with one another. Plus it would be a more interactive version of DD1's "assault" gamemode because there are other players building the towers and setting things up instead of a preset map that people memorize. Just to recap: *Two teams *Attackers: Higher difficulty, less health, lives, time to complete mission, and damage output. *Defenders: Higher difficulty, less mana/defense units available, less fire rate and range from towers, less time to setup build. *Would serve as a friendly, for fun way to pass the time of just running around the lobby when everything gets boring in the game and would be a nice way to chillax with friends or other players to pass the time. One last note, pressing "Return to lobby" in this gamemode would send YOU and only YOU to the tavern, not the entire game. I can see this working with 4v3, 3v3, 3v2, 2v2, 2v1, and even 1v1. Game creaters should be able to set how many people are allowed on each team when they create the match to make things simpler.
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