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  1. i played 6 hours today in end game and only 3 skellis so far. FML.
  2. [[86674,users]] Have you seen NM hp for mobs? heroes and pets do no do anything to mobs in that high of a game. You better pray you have amazing towers to win. Unlike dd1 where pets were balanced and so were weapons.
  3. TOTALLY AGREE Pet and Hero Damage is a JOKE!
  4. So after completing a map I rerolled one of my pet stats and it was physical resistance and was changed to a new stat I rolled defense power 50. Well my second stat was defense power 34 so I assumed it would just replace defense 34. Instead it changed both stats to defense 34 and when I go to re roll now it only shows 3 stats and not 4. Can you fix this? Picture Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=495342766
  5. I think trendy is trying to make sure the basic 4 heroes are fully developed and are developed to the fullest until they start releasing new heroes.
  6. I like the idea but make the shark legendary and as the pets get higher in quality so do their damage. Also add a seahorse as a legendary pet. Another Suggestion just name it an Aquatic egg. Good ideas though man!
  7. Awesome i am looking forward to it! Any idea on the size of the update file?
  8. One of the issues i have noticed is if i wanted to inspect someones gear i can not. I always liked comparing gear back in dd1 and do not understand why it has not been implemented this far?
  9. i got to level 26 after beating campaign. If you are beating one map over and over then you only have your self to blame for that. Personally i like free mode or whatever. It drops better loot imo and more people are playing there everyday. Meet new people and just have fun.
  10. I am sure there will be at least be one more wipe before they officially unveil the game.
  11. My hope was that they would create a genuine Easter stage this year. One where completing it on Nightmare would reward Humongous Eggs, and then lower difficulties would reward the lower sizes. This would make it like coal, where it's by no means easy to earn by the average player - but those who choose to do it can do so at any time. You won't be permanently locked out of base game reward content for having started late, etc. I agree they need to make an official stage if possible make a giant rabbid bunny the egg stealer bwahahaha!
  12. Just watched the PS4 reveal. I can't wait for The Witness and Watch Dogs. How does the controllers look and what is the tech specs and what games were they saying were going to be released for it?
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