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  1. Welcome to the community :) I hope you are doing well in these annoying times.
  2. thank you! I figured it out but I appreciate you taking the time to write the reply <3
  3. I was just wondering does a boost monk and the apprentice's boost stack on top of each other? I've heard mixed answers to this
  4. This is an old post so I'm assuming you've already fixed this issue, but for anyone else who may be having this issue make sure you've beat the map on nightmare difficulty, if the problem is still occurring just re-run the map again. If the problem is still occurring then it's a bug in the game and report it to the devs, this is honestly the best advice I can give to this issue and I hope it helps at least a little to anyone who may have this issue
  5. Based off of dd1 and how there's already trophies currently available, I believe there will be a lot of trophies to complete, and hopefully they fill up your tavern like the original :)
  6. Hello, so I skimmed through your videos and if I'm not mistaken it's just pure gameplay correct? perhaps try commentary on top, or build guides. Something to bring people into wanting to watch and keep them viewing throughout the whole thing. your overall recording and upload quality is good and I encourage you to keep working on improving and uploading more :)
  7. No early access progress won't be wiped
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