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  1. Not everyone likes the stress of build timers. I am at an age where I am trying to reduce stress and that's why I like games that are strategy and have you take your time to think. That being said, I don't mind the timers on some maps that much, and really mind it on others. You can have a timer without it seeming oppressive. There are many maps that have super long build times, as much as 300-600 seconds, and I rarely feel too pressured on those. But there are many maps that the build time is just way too harsh, and even if you have a somewhat rough idea where you wanna build, still is way too much of a mad rush and too much stress. And there are many maps that are almost 100% impossible to build with more than 2-3 heroes on the first wave even if you have picture perfect hero speed, placement, etc. It's compounded when you consider that many of the maps that this is the case on, are the very ones that you NEED more time on due to the overall difficulty. Timers are artificial difficulties. The map is hard enough, the harsh timer isn't needed in addition. One or two that really stand in my mind is temple of love, holiday extravaganza, and winter wonderland was really bad too timer-wise until I got better at it. I remember talay mining complex was bad too. Many maps that are just way too big and require great builds and yet give you almost no time to build. Out of them all, the holiday extravaganza is probably THE worst. That challenge is enough to give anyone not in good health a heart attack on NMHC... (I hate that map if you couldn't guess lol) Some of the newer maps are more fair like CD resurgence, emerald city actually give you ample time to build.
  2. I am late to the party but I just returned to the game after a long, long hiatus. I have come to realize many end game boss have almost 2 billion HP. EV is the only hero capable of killing anything in a reasonable time frame, for the most part. Barbarian can be pretty good but only in bursts and useless in ranged fights, but even my barbarian became useless on the 2 billion HP bosses, even though he has pretty good gear (not AMAZING 7k+, but what SHOULD be enough to clear all content in the game, 5k stats). He can beat the bosses in WW, but it's VERY slow (took me like 20 minutes to beat the boss wave). I guess what I'm trying to say, what needs to happen is make all classes viable for dps on par with EV. Whether that means nerfing EV, as well as nerfing boss HP... Or it means keeping EV as is, and buffing all other heroes, I'm OK with either change. Or if some other method is determined. Whatever makes all classes viable for killing bosses while NOT nerfing the overall time it takes to beat bosses. I think every class needs to have the capability to defeat 2 billion HP bosses as fast as a EV currently can, is what I'm trying to say, geared appropriately. I found it ridiculous I had to specifically level up an EV because no other classes can really keep up. Blaster rifle for example does simply embarrassingly low dps on nightmare.
  3. No need for the snarky comment. I don't play DD2 so I can't comment on it and I don't even know how people are exploiting it. But I'd think it'd be as simple as making it not time-efficient to grind compared to actually playing the game. Play with the probabilities of actually seeing good lot, and making it so the stocks only refreshes after beating a map, or you can make it so the stock only sells good stuff if you beat a HARD map so people can't just repeatedly complete easy maps... many fairly simple ideas to implement. So, if you wanna buy good stuff you gotta EARN it - beat hard maps like NMHC CD, emerald city, CR, embermount... basically the stuff you can buy should match the difficulty of the content you can beat. And this way it provides an alternate way to get loot if RNG is always screwing you over. DD1 at least needs better ways to get ultimate armors after all... IMO
  4. 1600 stats is already stupidly high anyway for a single item and if I could get builders and dps with 16,000 total stats everything would be a COMPLETE face roll. even with half that (8000), everything in this game, even the new maps, are super easy. If you can't even win with 8-16k stats, clearly you should play a different game. A harsh truth perhaps, but, someone had to say it =P I've cleared virtually everything in the game with 4-5k stats (Just got Ultimate Defender last week), and the game can be cleared with lower stats than that still (But I admit some maps like embermount, emerald city, CD resurgence etc probably not a good idea to try to clear with much less than 4k...) So far, embermount and emerald city are the only two maps that have given me serious trouble, but I know I just have to refine my strategies and probably gear up my dps heroes a little more (especially for embermount).
  5. So make them un-exploitable. No need to throw something out because of an exploit.
  6. Yea like I say in my last post, the best approach probably is indeed to reduce the feeling that you have to grind the same map over and over and have low drop rates. I hate that type of design. That's why I like that DD historically has lots of maps and lots of game modes and lots of difficulties. This is a far more engaging way to play than force a player to grind one map on one difficulty on one mode over and over. I much prefer the idea of being appropriately rewarded for a difficult map that you had to work your way up to being able to clear. There are still some maps and some challenges that are an abomination, but that's a discussion for another thread LOL (etherian holiday challenge anyone?) THANK YOU that clearing it on nightmare is not mandatory to get ultimate defender. I barely cleared it on hard mode and I've beaten virtually everything on nightmare including all survival maps!!! Ugh!!! That challenge tho... lol
  7. Same lol I haven't touched dd1 in ages but picked it up again. There is still stuff to do anyways since I still gotta get ultimate defender and some more super legendary costumes... maybe farm a few of the new maps, get a diamond pet ...
  8. *edit* - missed the fact there's a bug reports forum. feel free to move this topic to the other forum Found a strange bug accidentally the other day. I am very geared, but still needed to get a few more trophies, so I just did the map on like hard or something I forget. Anyway, because I am geared, literally as soon as the boss spawns he INSTANTLY dies (which I suspect is the trigger for this glitch). Actually I killed him before he spawned, I never even saw him LOL. Anyway, so then I realize I get to the map completion screen etc, but monsters are still spawning, and instantly dying inside the spawner rooms repeatedly, endlessly. And dropping lots of loot too. I might have even exploited it for free cash as a result =P But, it was an easy difficulty so not very lucrative lol. But yeah. Not a gamebreaking glitch or anything but kinda weird.
  9. I can certainly appreciate both sides of the argument that is for sure. Really, I think ultimately it becomes painful when you combine needing to use many many heros for a meta build AND a large map (like CD). You might use as many as 4-6 heros for a good build. Maybe then my real complaint is against massive, very long maps like CD and things that require boring grinds (like coal). Seriously, who thought making you do a map 88 times was a good idea? It's actually what made me quit DD1 years ago LOL. If I wanted an MMORPG I'd play FFXI or FFXIV or WoW... I disliked that some aspects of DD started to take on MMORPG aspects. I can respect end-game content and survival was great for that. But having to repeat the same map 88 times? Please just no... I get that diamond pets were basically the Cadillac of pets and the work to get one reflected that, but I still disagree with how it was implemented. I think Crystalline Dimension (for how much I have a love hate relationship with), did it mostly right - You got great rewards for winning NMHC, and you only need to win once at least for the skins, but it's going to be tough and you have to be good rather than just mindlessly grind a map 88 times. I prefer that kind of reward system. And in terms of large maps, I mean, CD is literally the worst, because you have three (four if you count the boss gauntlet) maps you have to build on, and if you lose at any point, you gotta do it all again!) Until you're a master at this map on NMHC in particular, it's a royal pain lol. This also tends to discourage anyone but the most geared to bother with it. I get that it can be won with 1k stats, but that's with truly meta builds that most noobs won't be aware of. I feel like if they do another map CD style that we should at LEAST get some "Checkpoint" feature... Like, checkpoint after the first map and if you lose restart at checkpoint rather than the whole map. One might say well just git gud and don't lose and that's not wrong entirely, but meh... I feel like if you can clear one map you're probably strong enough to clear all the maps so I don't see why not. The grind for equipment like Ultimate, especially Ultimate+ and ++ was really really bad too... But at least you don't "need" them to win anything, so, I can somewhat tolerate that. I feel like Ultimate + and ++ armors need to drop at least as often as the weapons in + and ++. Basically alleviating grind would reduce the need for saving builds. That's honestly another reason I quit. I had already "won" virtually every map, at that point, my goals shifted for grinding Ultimate gears, until I realized Ultimate armors drop ULTRA rarely. In 1,400 hours of gameplay I had only seen one or two pieces of ultimate armor. That's just bad, bad RNG design. You might argue that's WORSE than mmorpg's even. You could probably get a full set of tier 2 armors back in WoW when level 60 was the max, for less than 1,400 hours, at least when you count the hours spend in dungeons. I can still respect them being hard to get, which means they should make the only "easy" way to get ultimate, ultimate+, ultimate++ armors is the most difficult map(s). From what I recall, even Sky city on NMHCMM RARELY dropped high end armors. The rewards really didn't justify the difficulty (You can't readily win sky city final wave without very very good gear after all...) (BTW, I picked up DD1 again after years of hiatus, so they may have addressed some of my complaints already in some of the new maps). Currently am working on finishing up my trophies for Ultimate defender (almost done!) so I can get my increased item box =P Just gotta do one or two maps more on NM with summoner for the real time strategist medals and then a few more vanilla campaign achievements and done.
  10. This is something I've wanted for a while, but acknowledge it could be considered OP for anything other than survival or non-timed campaign/challenges, and would be troublesome to reconcile with limited mana on the first wave too I admit, not sure what that'd look like. In essence - Some way of "Saving" a build somehow. When you load the map, all of the defenses are automatically placed from memory from the last "saved build" you set up. It will use all of the same towers from the same characters you used (If it can't find that character anymore, its defenses won't be placed). Maybe one way around the mana issue is to only remember the wave 1 build, and then remember the wave 2 build and so forth (and remove the chests from the map so you can't get extra mana). I am sure this would be a nightmare to code, but it'd be cool. Also it would only work for the host (clearly, trying to implement several different people in the saved build would obviously come with a lot of complications). One thing you could do to remove the "OP" factor is make it so you have to "Unlock" the Save option, by beating the map normally first without it. After you've proven your worth (beat it without) then you can save your builds. I love playing with new builds, but eventually, you have a map on farm status and just building the same thing especially on large maps just because tedious after a while, you know? Even worse when it comes to things that you need to farm heavily like coal for example. At the very least, let us do this on Survival maps... it would be a huge quality of life improvement for farming that same map over and over. In particular, on crystalline dimension, it is not inconceivable to spend half or even more of the allotted time (so maybe 30-45 minutes) in total in build phases and that is just extremely tedious. Which actually I have no problem with doing a few times but after that it's just like ughhh =P
  11. +10000 to this I am replaying DD1 from scratch with a friend and realizing I need this SO SO bad. - Target highest HP (I am noticing that my Deadly Striker towers are virtually useless because they usually target low HP mobs) - Target lowest HP - Target closest - Target furthest - Target specific enemy type(s). Even more amazing if you can pick and choose from list let's say both djinn and sharken... (an example)... and not just one enemy. You could also have it so if the target enemy is not around, attack any other nearby enemy at random, but immediately drop its target and focus on the chosen priority (this way it's still doing things at all times). - Target Air only - Target Ground only - Target bosses only - Target ogres only (This probably would roll into target specific enemies though) For even MORE depth, if I'm not asking for too much, you could even configure it a step further and mix several options. For example. Target closest Djinn, target highest HP. This would make the tower attack Djinns, with priority given to the closest ones, and with the most HP left.
  12. I hear what you're saying, but infinite upgrades would not allow noobs to clear difficult survival matches that much easier for a couple simple reasons... 1. If all upgrades costs 1220+ mana, it's not like you can overnight upgrade like say 130 DU worth of defenses more than a few more times, even if you're using genies it will take a while. 2. Upgrades are based upon your base stats. If you have noob gear, you can upgrade all day you're still going to lose. A triple star defense with noob gear is far, far weaker than an un-upgraded tower with end-game gear. 3. You can slowly reduce the effectiveness of upgrades so there is diminishing returns. It's just something to help someone who may be teetering on the "edge" of being able to win but just can't quite make it... you know what I mean? The other benefit of infinite upgrades would be that in Pure Strategy, you don't have to sell defenses mid-wave anymore to "Repair" them... I am not talking about someone with completely noob gear (I may have given that impression), I'm talking about times when you make it to like wave 23 (of 25) or something and lose, but a single extra upgrade or two might have made the difference... It's just a thought though.
  13. I like introducing any or all of the following ideas - More heroes that can use minion units (so that it doesn't feel like just "one class" that uses them) - Increasing DU gradually (only in survival based matches). This gives more a chance to people who aren't in end-game equipment. Winning survival was very hard in DD1 until your gear was very very good because of DU limitations. - Infinite upgrades. Again this is primarily geared for survival. let us upgrade defense indefinitely. This would negate the need for more DU in most cases. Make all upgrades past triple star cost a lot (at least the same, 1220 mana). This also gives players more of a chance in survival with less than perfect gear. I would recommend keep the balance in survival the same though. Please don't balance the difficulty based upon the expectation that players will always get 10-20+ upgrades. that will make things super tedious. The purpose of this is to help out newer players only, not be a requirement to win. I will be annoyed if I have to micromanage 20 upgrades per tower every survival game even with good gear.
  14. Might actually get looked into if it were in the dde tech support section. I was trying to see if there was some such forum but I could not locate it. My bad. For some reason all the other subforums weren't displaying. Found it now.
  15. I have uncovered a major, IMO, a gamebreaking glitch in DDE. It seems to only happen so far when playing summoner, which is weird. I'll be playing like normal, progress pretty far (usually to final wave or close to it) and then all of a sudden I get disconnected, get a nondescript "timeout error" and when I get back to the tavern... I get rolled back to the state before I even began the map. In other words, all items gained while doing the mission, and all exp, is gone. It's so frequent that I can't even play summoner until this is addressed. I did get all the way to level 56 on my squire without one occurrence, but got my summoner from 0-16 on one map, got the glitch, started over, did SHORT levels to get to level 11, tried another one, got to like 18, rolled back again. I did also put in a ticket through the official channels, but would be interested to get some immediate response, and see if anyone else is getting this problem? *EDIT* Some more info, if desired. It happened on Mistymire forest, on hard. And on aquanos, on normal. Both were done as private sessions. Could it be that private sessions are buggy? But that still doesn't explain why it's never happened on my squire. Been doing plenty of private sessions there.
  16. If I focused on trading and taking peoples cubes when they have offered them for even trans sets I have, I suppose it would be possible to collect this much stuff. personally I won't take anyone's cube. I know they can get to where they want with extra effort. The hacking program: As far as I know, it can't create items yet. It just takes an item and changes it into a higher label or whatever stats you want. You see this everywhere on Ult armor sets. So the guys cubes would have to be legit, and he is a heavy trader. As for telling? I have only seen one legit ult armor that had one stat to 800 with set bonus. I have come across lots of ult armors, and for the most part they are pure crap, even the Ult 100's are crap. I picked up two ult armors today on kings which is higher than normal, and one piece with 300 ups I was able to get 658 in one tower boost stat before I ran out of upgrade points. All the rest of the stats are under 400 and it's one of the best ult armors I have found. (I have a few on my tavern tables to show guys what they really look like.) I report all full sets with 800 stats which is nearly impossible and all have over 360 ups on each piece. I hope not to see those guys around anymore. I also check hours played, and achievements earned. One guy told me he got it on AQ NMHCMM, but He did not even have the Nightmare shard for AQ unlocked. It's really good to check these things before reporting someone, and do your homework. I certainly don't want to cause anyone not guilty any problems. Mike. I just got my first ultimate armor today and using it for dps. It has over 370 ups and my hero attack will be over 750. Maybe I'm just lucky but legit high stat armors do exist. It's not even ult+ either.
  17. Okay I concede. KG NMHCMM with 1 monk and 1 summoner is indeed the best. I am convinced when I see results. And results I have. 2 supreme armors and 1 ultimate armor on the first run of it and still 2 waves to go. PS the ultimate armor was insanely good for DPS, I'm probably gonna switch gear around now. Think it will hit cap hero attack... awesome.
  18. If so, how and what characters etc. I have good builders for all chars and enough dps gear to cover 2 or 3 dps chars if need be.
  19. It sounds like 1 monk and 1 summoner is the way to go. One of my friends just got an Ult+ armor from NMHCMM this way just recently (from KG)
  20. So I guess I am confused, some of your info seems conflicted. You say you get good Ult armors from NMHCMM King's then you say running all summoners gave crap. If I read your post right, it sounds like you want a mix of non summoners and summoners. And do you want only 2 or 4 players?
  21. The weapon drops are amazing in TD. I have found many Ultimates that cap out tower attack (600) and other tower stats (perfect for some of my builders). Aquanos is pretty good too. I used to run those before I graduated to harder maps. That gives you a bunch of somewhat lower quality Sup and Ult (some of which I still use though!)
  22. I had a topic on this a while back but it's fallen off not sure where. Anyway so I had posted wondering which map was best for gear. Most people had said King's Game. Well I just successfully won all 30 waves NMHC survival on King's Game on 4P mode (not 4 summoners, as I'm not that good yet) but I did it with 3 monks and 1 summoner. Anyway, not a single supreme or ultimate drops (not even a weapon!!) until wave 30, at which time a crappy supreme weapon drops that wasn't even worth putting in a shop. Now, we come back to Tavern Defense. In 4P splitscreen survival, not only do I get supremes and ultimates, but often many of them, in one run I get as many as 10 or more ultimates. In fact, in TD, the other day, I got my first Ultimate+ weapon, with pretty amazing stats at that. So people claim KG is better, but the evidence shows otherwise... HOWEVER, here is an interesting caveat I have seen. The armor, although mostly just trans, WERE pretty high quality. In fact, I got an armor upgrade for one of my characters. The armors in TD weren't as great. However the weapons were. Maybe TD is for weapons and KG is for armor??
  23. So regular NM survival and NM pure strat have same chances?
  24. I have done sky city to wave 30 about 3 times. Not a single supreme. No joke. I get at least one supreme in Aqua about 90% of the time. Worst luck ever or what? I don't even see that many Trans in sky city either. Usually how many trans you get is a good indicator if you will get supreme or ultimate, at least from my experience, so if I don't even see a single trans until wave 25 (it's happened before on sky city) chances are low that I'd get a supreme. *shrug*
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