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  1. Haha Dave reread it before you so rudely respond I don't think you understand what he wrote. Ape everything is a go on open and local. This would most likely result in a ban on ranked for the simple fact that it is modifying the game files (which you can do no matter what the reasoning is on ranked). Speeding up everything I don't think would really be considering cheating since its not making anything easier or harder(emm maybe harder with that extra ninja speed /fear) but would be a nice feature to be added as an option. Don't think it will be as it makes everything happen to fast and youd get bored faster,
  2. essentially with no towers/auras/traps on insane is not possible by last wave that spawn at 5 points and your not gonna kill all of them with no form of delay your friend gave you an impossible task. ESPECIALLY with the 40% increase in ogre health for solo. If you have super boss killer might mighttt be able to take them on hard thou.
  3. I always assumed the character's minature appearances were part of the art style, rather than them being litterally children. They look more like teenagers to me. Me and my friend had a good giggle at the Huntresses butt crack when the game came out.

    It's hard to know what is worse, the over-sexualization in the gaming industry or the over-protective parents who complain about everything.

    As a woman and an avid fan of roleplaying games with fantasy settings, I've come to accept that my female characters will almost always be scantily clad. It will not surprise me in the least if the female version of the Squire is wearing a metal bikini.

    To be fair almost all male chars in the gaming world are usually half naked too they just don't have the lustrous and most desirable sight quality's a female char can portray. A male can be stripped down to nothing but boxers (GO SQUIRE HE AT LEAST GOT CLASS AND HAS ARMOUR haha) and no one will think twice about it, due to the simple fact is ok guy in boxers bout the same as guy in swim trunks. Female she HAS the body to show off and be tweaked to look amazing. So it's just a simple fact of they can be and males can only look basic(in terms of design and things to portray) in comparison to ANY female model. Females have the most customization capabilities.
    I love spell check
  4. I just want to put out NOTHING is saying that is the huntress we are playing. haha that picture of the sexy huntress with the bow between her legs I def think is the Hero Trainer Elf. You'll notice she doesn't have the rag tag setup the one we all love and play(sept the OP who cant play her cause of personal issues) and the one in the picture is easily 3x our little heros height.
  5. ROFL THIS THREAD THIS THREAD MADE ME LOLZ SO HARD. Boycott a huntress cause shes sexually exhilarates the OP. So many pointed out the weapons THE MASS MURDER THESE CHILDREN ARE DOING, haha this game is all about lols and fun any form of sex you see(since you know they put this in there just to make all of the crazy sex deprived people of the world meet that point of existence where they just find happiness cause shes the most perfectly sexually designed char they have ever seen.) is from your own mind. Accusing Trendy of designing a char around sex is hilarious. HEY GUYS SPOILER THE DRAGON ISN'T WEARING CLOTHES.
  6. It is Capture The Flag, not a MOBA.

    Actually we I had made a discussion on one of the modes we wanted before game release, and J mentioned a game style nearly like moba style (sept the set towers are your own instead of the standard ones. Don't know if it's this one but they do have a game style like that either rdy or in development.
  7. Forums are excellent discussion tools. You could say the same thing about anything if your going off of your logic. You can't judge a system honestly on who uses it. Just like power your put power into a child's hand he will play, an evil mans hands he will use it for evil, a good man for good. Its not the forums that are a bad tool. It's the users that are ruining the tool. There shouldn't be a point where the mods need to keep up with the threads as it is free flowing opinions arguments and answers. I understand that trolls do ruin many of the posts and the like. But at the same time there are multiple helpful and useful threads just as unaffected by them.
  8. Hey guys i play on open as well and i also read like 80% of the forums be happy we don't get the stuff till the 5th. TONS of issues with all the new content and people have had to restart and reset their stuff over and over again. Just like PC is the guinea pigs for PS3 and 360 Ranked is our guinea pigs. All the stuff is tweaked and fixed by the time it gets to us. Oh and its still being tweaked and we only gotta wait 3 more days for it. I know we gotta wait longer for it but what do we get in return. Stable servers, when it comes out only open will have cross platform, we can mod whatever we want soon. Come on now don't say you hate the company without comparing pluses to the negatives. Pluses greatly out weigh the negatives.
  9. Haha lots of tension yes i agree. Unnecessary as well. Trendy was not shy or holding back at any point when they said very clearly PC will get things first due to the simple fact of how much simpler and easier it is to patch pc as soon as their stuff is rdy. Consoles are going to get everything just at a later date. Don't even see the big issue all the content is usually broken and as someone stated already we are essentially the guinea pig testers. Yes we get the content first but we also end up having to redo alot of stuff cause of same basic issues that just need tweaking. Everyone just smile and wave smile and wave.
    As far as the 200 dollar computer no 200 dollars isnt going to build you a computer that will last into the next gen however its not far off. 500 though about 300 higher isn't insane considering how much more you can do with a computer over the 360/ps3 systems(modding just to name the best on the current subject of gaming). Groups do this all the time to help people save money and still enjoy nice modern games. I would like to point out ps3 was 600 when it first came out and the computer tech to build a pc that at this point woulda surpassed it is still cheaper.
  10. yea i tested this with 4 pieces of low Armour and just put them in secret room they are still there. So it seems to work just fine. Just to add in case I play on open cause someone said that is the only one that will be able to cross platform. Don't know if it works differently on the trendy servers since its saved to their stuff.
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