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  1. I would think only assets would be downloaded. Anything else would be a no go because then it would be easy to mod. But assets, yes.
  2. Since you were so kind as to piecemeal my comment into smaller topics, I shall do the same. "Let's start, shall we?" To point out first of all, Trendy has virtually stopped working on Dungeon Defenders, and have been putting most of their efforts towards the upcoming Dungeon Defenders II. There hasn't been regular content for a while now, and patches are all but gone at this point. Most, if not all, of the content being released now is by modders who want to make the game better for everyone. My bad. On April 23rd I saw on DD's Facebook page that they were revealing more DD DLC. No mentio
  3. I read that the developers will have the choice if they want to use the "always online feature". I'll look around again, but I remember it came straight from a developers mouth that was working on a game for Xbox One.
  4. tl;dr - While I was guarding the Eternia Crystal, I saw the Tavernkeep and had a weird conversation with him, then the ogres spawned and I got grossed out. Oh no, I read it. I just... wut...
  5. While I was guarding the Eternia Crystal, I saw the Tavernkeep. He was standing a few feet away behind the bar where he usually stands, staring off into the distance and cracking jokes to no-one in particular. I felt a little bad for him, so I sauntered on over and had a seat. "So ah... what's on tap?" I asked, genuinely curious, as I had never ordered a drink at the tavern before. "I can withstand any kobold blast." he replied with intensity. I sat there for a moment, puzzled, trying to make heads or tails of his response. "Is that some kind of drink?" I chuckled, attempting to mak
  6. A quick question, is it "legit" because you farmed every single piece yourself? > Saw classic post on thread > was hoping he said something along the lines of, " Some of that is hacked." > Saw what he said > disappointed...
  7. I would agree, except that there is a live market right now that is leaving DD (consoles). There isn't anything new for people to do or buy. If there had been, I'm sure more levels or outfit or weapon/pet packs or whatever would have been purchased. At this late point in the game, Trendy has probably lost too many console DD players. They have moved onto something else while wait for fixes or new content. Instead, Trendy focuses on the PC, putting out new content regularly, and alienating a huge gameplay market. I am not going to buy 3 gaming computers for the purpose of playing DD together wi
  8. I thought someone on PS3 had 1k? Someone got to 1k tower damage.
  9. WOuldnt it be great for DD2 if there was a Dijin warrior for a hero? i think that would be really awesome he could have similar abilitys to the regular dijin but be a playable hero :) :djinn: Eh, it wouldn't be anything special really. And it's spelled Djinn, not Dijin.
  10. There is no Jester from what I rember. That would be kind of cruddy because they have all the other DLC characters.
  11. [QUOTE]Column 2 : Possible knife-throwing guyaMay also be Ranger but doubtful - Prisoner (revealed) - Lavamancer [/QUOTE] That is indeed the Ranger. Elf ears + slightly long hair makes it the Ranger. If I could confirm it with a source, I would, but you'll just have to trust me on that. And column three, last character does indeed look like the Jester, possibly the Male version. Most likely the male version, in fact.
  12. Has been discussed already, countless times. If your complaining about PC being too easy, then maybe turn NM HC on and go straight to the Crystalline Dimension. Oh... and having other people give you gear + power level you should be taken out of the equation. Trust me, breaking into Nightmare is a pain in itself.
  13. While I was guarding the Eternia Crystal, I saw The Old One, The Kraken, The Genie King, and The Spider Queen heading towards me, then the ogres spawned and I rage quit for the rest of the night.
  14. and it's not guaranteed they would turn a reasonable enough profit You're right. Trendy shouldn't do anything unless there is guaranteed profit involved. Of course, why bother to make a video game in the first place, then? You aren't guaranteed a profit to begin with, so I guess they should have just scrapped DD altogether. The bottom line is: If you don't have anything for me to buy, I'm not going to buy anything from you. If there is no product from Trendy for me to purchase, then I can't buy it from them. They can't make any money unless they do some work to create a product. Put out s
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