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  1. I need to know if the Doc was created yet for the ps3 event someone help?
  2. 1. Psn IM_CAMPALICIOUS 2.18 of age 3.I helped out the community by creating team G.o.H {Gaurdians of Honor} so people have a place to go when they need someone to turn to.We never kick anyone,We give free items to those who need it the most instead of our selfs.I've been part of the community for a short time now but with titodaddy and Driftersgonewild they inspired me to become a event host to even go further to help the community more. 4.I absolutly loved every event given, it given us a challenge but we could still have fun with it so it made me the experience the best i had yet,plus with all the host just make it even better. 5.The Best Event would have to be the LoL event even thoe i didn't win it i had a blast doing it because titodaddy made the experience the best yet. 6 The Capital of Australia is Canberra 7.I Can Host Friday,Saturday and Sunday or even anytime you need me I have the communities back all the way
  3. IM_CAMPALCIOUS Saturday Alt.Sunday just in case if i might miss it
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