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  1. Some people just don't have the attention span to stay with a game that takes this much grinding! Some people decide to quit because their reputation is ruined. It all depends on the person. If you can find a good group of friends to run with, then it makes the game super fun no matter what you are doing! Getting friends to freeze with em in your runs ... good idea lol Anyway If i'll quit its because R2 When i go upgrading mode . Seriously it isn't fun anymore to spend hella time on upgrading -_-
  2. Yeah, he means Glitterhelm xP Glitterhelm Caverns Thanks for uploading the videos. They help a ton :D I told ya i'm dump rofl well i never thought Glitter is hard to solo and there are plenty of guides for ps3 and xbox in youtube and on HD better than my recording i can pick one for you to watch if you want Anyway if you really want one reply and i'll do one happily
  3. Can you make a GHC Insane Solo build? I feel like dump asking but Do you mean Glitterhelm?
  4. Heh, thanks for the bump. I just saw this thread and I plan to watch and subscribe to your youtube channel! :D Sure no problem I didn't mean to spam though but i know many people who play this game don't benefit from DDplaner - i'm one of em though lol :D Anyway i just added the vids @ the first page easy for people to see (the most needed ones though)
  5. I think i'll post most of the vids here easier for me and people to check
  6. I have the game @ console even though i have a PC with abilities which can run WoW and other games with 18GB RAM and 2GB Graphix card but the problem that my country can't provide too many payment methods including paypal thats why i'm not @PC DD
  7. he propably means the 4 chrystals you can collect when you play the DLCs. Ah!! i thought he meant the top side of my setup in morrago Rofl i spent hours to figure what he meant Anyway these are Shards which you collect from Insane(Difficulty) DLC maps Hope thats the answer he seeks
  8. What are these 4 things on the top when you play maroggo Mind to specify? like the minute you saw the things ^^ because the video full of things
  9. For one setting up your mic helps alot , dont join games people you dont know , make your own like me, i do it always have been,when people join my game i let them know the rules if they want to stay Repair/upgrade,kill orges all i ask, sometime have to be alittle blunt when hosting such games cause people will come in and crash what your trying to do and leave.Sometimes you cant depend on anyone, i had to learn that the hard way, now these days basically i comeplete whatever i want without a problem, not have to worrie about getting booted etc. +1 Happened alot to me Anyway i'm EU player
  10. Just got back folks ^^ Hope the Insane+ will be released soon enough
  11. Hero speed depends on your hero Ex. Monk only needs around 90^ to run fast but Squire needs like 140^ to run fast Hero casting is good for the rest of heros other than Apprentice imo I got mine at 260 @ my DPS hunter and its really effective (that if i won't use the Imp lol)
  12. I see thnx folks I appreciate your advises RAGE !!!!!! lol
  13. Really? lol i read in this forum everyday and never saw somethin like that Is this a glitch or somethin would be fixed soon or should i trash it away?lol Anyway ty for responding
  14. Guys i just got lv74 Junbao 130^ and i upgraded TowerPower over 120 and it got in minus WTH??? (Sorry didn't think when i created the thread Hope its the right section) -_-
  15. try buy the recording things, so your videos will have better cuality and other people will like them I'm not totally into gathering likes and subs even though its not a bad idea I'm just helping DD's community I can post all the vids here but it'll be annoying i guess if the quality bothering ya i'll stop recording ^^ I thought its clear enough
  16. Most good armors i have are from Misty
  17. Unfortunately i'm EU DD player but feel free to add me on Aljoker23 bra!!
  18. Last Bump for those who needs this Aquanos,Djins,Morrago setups I'll be away to Dubai for a week or so Cya'll
  19. At least there are EU players around ^^ add me PSN Aljoker23 I can help you with missions and platinum if you want though i don't talk alot since my english accent sux but my grammer is good =p Cheers
  20. Morrago uploaded finally Hope the video helps:monk:
  21. Uploading Morrago on the way Sorry for being late though I had summer exams and after it the upload process was interrupted three times
  22. I think you've got a build already but... If it didn't work you can try mine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-oGz2RkFG0 Good luck
  23. I can do it with you but unfortunatly i'm out of time atm anyway add me PSN Aljoker23 try the build in this Vid : http://www.youtube.com/user/DungeonD4Ever?feature=mhee until we meet tommorow^^
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