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  1. A thought I might cross post to the PC suggestions thread is that, at least in 'Offline' games, items are automatically picked up by a 'third party' and each player is allowed a chance to request that item. Any item wanted by two or more players is put to a internal 'vote', weighted over who has the worst gear and/or lowest level. Rolling dice for a gear has been presented in too many games already too But I think trendy won't risk putting that feature since they're already didn't bother putting a trade system Eitherway it would be a nice feature
  2. I would like that picking gear only happens in the end of the round or we get a picking mode or whatever change for X button since i noticed that if we're in the middle of boss fight and we need to jump with a gear or two in front of us then its impossible´╗┐´╗┐
  3. Add T--RX I'm an old player DD1 with platinum and played pc version as well But now i'm a casual player who plays for 2 hours mostly and turn the console off and sleep like an old man =)
  4. I grind 25+++ almost everyday and i don't mind if you want some xp Add me on T--RX
  5. I would like changing the range indicator color each defense depends on its owner defender like blue indicators for wizard builds and yellow for squire and so on and if you'll ask me why is all that ,its because the crazy range of the sky guard =)
  6. Hello folks Dunno if its a problem or not but for me i usually check my builds health using L3 to fix em But as for traps i should check them one by one since they don't show up while pressing L3 I would also point on something in my mind long ago since i was on steam version I would like changing the range indicator color each defense depends on its owner defender like blue indicators for wizard builds and yellow for squire and so on and if you'll ask me why is all that ,its because the crazy range of the sky guard =)
  7. Not Enjoyable anymore since i'm EU player and the game isn't challenging anymore I doubt its in my HDD anymore too lol its been a while since i launched it hope the dlc is coming for us soon before The last of us get released lol
  8. We haven't heard from SCEE yet. Stay tuned. They're sure taking their time to hear from you lol seriously are they even concerned?
  9. A smaller huntress or apprentice weapon will be preferred. Larger models can be useless at point blank. Yea as for huntress if you have a large long weapon and got too close to a mob the bullets won't hit it specially for the soulfocuser
  10. I'm EU player though i'm not planning to play the game till we get the new patch since i got bored long ago
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-oGz2RkFG0&feature=plcp
  12. It's out now. Enjoy! Even for EU Players? I didn't get any patch when i started the game Neither dlc in Store mind telling when it'll come out for us? as i remember its like a week after every US patch or dlc
  13. a video has been added due requests (War of the Djinn Lamp locations)
  14. If I recall correctly i never saw Shaitan with element dmg on it but yea its base dmg even though its graphically lunching fire
  15. For whoever pming me here or adding me on PSN I'M EU PLAYER please read this note beside i don't play DD much since nothing new there and this will be the last bump since its against the forum rules Cya'll till next patch
  16. Imo its all about luck for the upgrade amount but for stats i still think the more difficulty you play in the more good stats you get i since i never had minus stats on insane but in hard i had few minus stats on girraffe
  17. Just did Moraggo on hard with 3 characters, It froze before i even got to the cutscene :/ You finished it with 3 characters even from the start? lol it usually freezes with me @ wave 11 while playing with 3 characters Anyway i think my method works with me only maybe :(
  18. But if you dont feel safe doin it then dont thats fer sure lol ^^^ +1 That implys on this thread as well :) If you don't feel like doing it then don't lol I just thought sharing what i'm doin ...I have Plus so i don't lose anything by freezing either way
  19. sounds made up. Try it then tell me if its made up^^ And yea quitting the game may lead you to corruption as i heard never tried it though since i was afraid
  20. For whoever don't know this returning to tavern right after finishing DLC maps causes freezing for the most part Anyway if you proceed to next map (By clicking on the crystal then Start button) and leave the scene run till the end without pressing PS button or messaging someone it'll let you go to the next map and then you can return to tavern without freezing - in aquanos you'll go directly to tavern I just freezed few times when i accidently press PS or when i have lotsa messages in my inbox(that a reason for the rest of freezes as well) Hope it works with the rest of you and hope ma
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