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  1. Partially rhetorical question: Why do negative values for knockback even exist? Last I checked, such values don't seem to draw enemies closer to you with each hit, as one might expect. >_>
  2. Aww, but the Huntress already has the widest variety of unique weaponry... Maybe she could share her healy-bow with some of the other classes? :P
  3. That's a problem a number of people are having. Seems to be Steam-related. Log out of your steam account, and then log back in. If that doesn't work, try restarting your computer. Apparently, that's the general fix-it method that gets everyone going.
  4. Welp, it's only a matter of minutes now before the online community is saturated by level 0 baby-barbarians. Everyone buckle down and hold on to something!
  5. Yeah, uhh... Unless we start getting 500 skill points per level-up, it really won't make a helluva lotta difference to anyone who has broken into full Mythical gear already. But then, maybe that's not what who they're aiming the extra levels at. We've all been given "early access" to Nightmare, so maybe they intend on tuning the remaining levels so that the jump from Insane to Nightmare isn't so... so BRUTAL*... at least, when you have a level 80 character. One way or another, I expect that we'll eventually see weapons and pets that have level 80 as a prerequisite, but my gut feeling is th
  6. Just wait a month or two. Maybe... JUST MAYBE... we'll get it as a costume reward in the next holiday DLC. :D
  7. Eh? Picture? What picture? I see no picture. I wanna see a pretty picture! :(
  8. Wishful thinking, Carver, Wishful thinking. I can understand everyone's disappointment, but please put it in perspective. One day is next to nothing, when you stop a moment to consider all the times that various game release-dates were pushed back for months at a time. Also... I cannot wait to inflict this move on Dark Elf Warriors. WHO'S THE FREAKIN' MARIO NOW, YOU BALD *******S?! WHO IS IT?!
  9. While I'm too cynical to hold my breath for this, I would be overjoyed to see something like this happen in the future. It would make Survival-mode so much more accessible and user-friendly.
  10. Seems like a decent idea, as far as general gameplay goes. Spare mana crystals currently count for nothing anyway, when one-million-mana items are dropping left and right. Yet in the early stages of the game, it felt like the opposite was true. I used to question whether it'd be worth it to upgrade my defenses, or if I should take my chances and bank my spare mana to help improve my gear. It was a regular fiscal dilemma that occured every build-phase! As strange as it may seem, it'd be nice to have that back. Although as far as storyline justifications go, I can't really think of a reason wh
  11. That actually sounds kinda cool. ...'cept for the fact that I play a Countess, and I don't have Circular Slice at my disposal. ;_;
  12. Yeah, if there's something to be said for using a controller on PC, it's the fact that mass-looting on Survival is soooo much easier. I'd kill* for the ability to loot as quickly and indiscriminately as controller-users are able to... Umm... Not that I'm a loot-prostitute or anything. <_< Umm... Heh. >_> Hey, stop looking at me like that! That loot-pile in front of the barricades was blocking my vision! It... Umm... It was starting to vanish anyway! We were at the loot-cap, I swear! >_< *Killing limited to non-existential goblins. I'm not a murderer either! Honest!
  13. Oh? So Trendy are/were planning to release Nightmare mode for free to everyone once all the Eternia Shards are released? I was under the impression that it was still going to require users (or at least the host) to have purchased all four parts... :confused:
  14. No, but at the very least it knocks fodder monsters back slightly, or stuns them. Hold on, what? Since when did spike barricades do either of these things? O.o I thought they just inflicted generic damage to those who attacked/walked too close to the spikey bits.
  15. (YOu have to wonder though, how they could get Eternia Shards but not nightmare or Mythicals, which I personally view as part of Eternia Shards) Hmm... I wonder, do consoles have the functionality to pre-order DLC? I'm afraid I'm ignorant of the specifics, but if PCs users only get Nightmare mode if they pre-purchase every chapter of the Lost Eternia Shards (or more specifically, a separate pre-order "bundle" type deal), what would happen if consoles lacked the framework for this to happen? But I'm speaking from ignorance here. Perhaps someone can enlighten me?
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