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  1. I have the Collector's Edition and can't find the skins, either. Nothing in the cosmetics screen under any of the heroes' towers. I thought maybe it was because I didn't link my account here and my steam account, but I did that and still no skins.
  2. The Hero Deck situation has been raging on for a while now, and I don't feel the need to dig it up again, but I feel this idea could solve a lot of problems in one go. Of course, it would be a big overhaul, but hey, we're still in alpha. Hero Secondary Builds Bad name, but best I could come up with. It is pretty self explanatory: allow each hero to register TWO sets of equipment, towers and skills (more on that later), and pets. And then allow that hero to switch in game between build phases. But won't that be overpowered? Without limitations, yes. Which is why every hero will have a prima
  3. I want it so that if a host kicks another player, any towers they build disappear with them. This wouldn't apply to a player dropping, but only if a host actually kicks another player. This would hopefully curb all the hosts that want a builder, then kick everyone out of the game once the towers are build.
  4. But I need to work on my dps characters, they are at 3k stats and I can't kill the boss with some afks. I have a just-barely 3k Monk and a 2.5k Barb and with just those two out the boss on Akatiti goes down pretty quickly (WW boss wave goes down, too, but it takes forever). You should be able to handle Akatiti with some amount (maybe not 3) afk-ers.
  5. I ran TD for a long time trying to get a pkobold. I never got one, but on about my 20th run 2 out of the 3 other people in my game got one.
  6. Hacked gear aside, this is actually an interesting topic. Has the game become boring because it's generally the same old thing in a new location (map)? Just want to get a feel for what's needed/wanted to bring some spice to the playing. What do you guys think is needed? This interests me because I'm making a map for the contest, obviously, but also I have a "misison" pack of sorts just sitting to the side in need of some fresh ideas. Steam Workshop is greatly neglected in terms of brand new maps, (non recycled trendy maps) that freshen up the game. I'm not sure. I think at this point
  7. To be fair, while a big portion of the game's economy revolves around the forums and what we value items at, there are possibly other groups of people out there trading items at different values. It all comes down to what people are willing to pay.
  8. I've never been able get beyond one upgrade without Djinn swarming them. It's probably my placement, but I'm lazy and one upgrade is enough for me.
  9. I hate bright backgrounds, which makes it sad for me that they're moving away from the light text on a dark background color scheme. Staring at a bright white background is only slightly better than staring at a light bulb.
  10. Pet boost. Works like a guardian, boosts the primary stat of all pets within range. (DPS - damage, genies - mana return, etc)
  11. Congrats! It took me forever to get my first Ultimate armor as well, but then the RNG must have favored me, because I received two more as campaign rewards over the next ten hours. Haven't seen any since, though.
  12. I'd probably buy one, if there was one with a subtle design. I generally don't wear anything with huge logos or colorful artwork taking up the entire front/back of the shirt.
  13. Maybe not the best in the world, but it looks awesome. Is this a CD accessory? Never seen one before.
  14. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?86515-Solo-Boss-Gauntlet-An-alternative-approach This. So much this. Practice building it on open Boss Gauntlet Practice. Once you get it right (make sure buffs+harps are far enough away from crystal) this is a breeze! Don't neglect upgrading harps though, dragon fireballs hurt. Nice - I'll have to give that a try. Thanks!
  15. It's most likely ogres, you'll need some harpoons/minions or another character to watch crystal so ogres don't smash it. Yeah, the one time it was an ogre, but two other times I'm positive it wasn't. The one time the crystal shattered I saw an orc swinging away, and the other I saw a kobold light up and began running back towards the middle, but didn't get there soon enough. BOOM! Game over - an hour down the drain. I may try minions, but I barely have enough time to get down the auras/buffs/traps as it is...
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