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  1. Anyone good with photoshop that can make me a nice logo in 64x64 24 bit bmp format?
  2. Im not sure what the value is now but i have 2 of them just sitting in my tavern. (Real ones). I stopped playing console. So i dunno what to do with them
  3. SID: Eightballz Friday Partner: Niggatine http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198047942959 Partner: Purple_Dragon75 Click SID: Eightballz for steam link
  4. However, if you still feel their hacked you can give them to me... I'm excellent at disposing of them. lol i got them myself..atleast my first set. But thanks for the reply..
  5. It is because they are labeled in order of event, and once combined, they summon Captain Isom. Yes, I just got an answer from Hitmonchan. Thanks
  6. Hi, I would like an explanation as to why all the Armguards from the event are labeled 1/5 for earth, 2/5 for fire, 3/5 for Poison, 4/5 for Lightning and 5/5 for Love. I know i did the event for these armguards and for some reason, all of mine are labeled like this. Im pretty sure everyone has this problem. If you do, please reply to this thread. I wanna get an answer hopefully from Trendy as to why all of a sudden, these labels started showing up. I know mine is not hacked because I obtained them my self. This issue will cause massive bans to all people who did the event if their items
  7. SID: Eightballz Friday Click SID: Eightballz for steam link.
  8. SID: Eightballz Friday Click SID: Eightballz for link to steam.
  9. SID: Eightballz Friday Click SID: Eightballz in sig for steam link.
  10. SID: Eightballz Friday Click SID: Eightballz for link to steam.
  11. The way i see this is that.. A high end game player running into a newbie..sees high end armors and weapons.. The newbie reports the player because he thinks the items are hacked.. Then wholla! Banned. LOL. In short. Dont get high end stuff and youll stay ban free. Is this what this game is all about? I hope not. Nonetheless, goodluck to ya.
  12. SID: Eightballz http://steamcommunity.com/id/eightballz/ Friday
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