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  1. I am glad to see the event coming back :) Damn I'm excited
  2. Hello how is the dungeon defenders community? Hope everyone is doing great :) well I am just posting this thread because I just created a new youtube account, and will be posting dungeon defenders videos very often... Oh and also I will be having random giveaways :) you want to know more about the giveaways... just search youtube for soaringeagle36 thank you all for taking your time to read this :) and thank you trendy... for making such an addicting game, lol... hopefully dungeon defenders 2 is more addicting :)
  3. Awesome, I can't wait.. hope I am one of the participants :) If not then that is alright too... but thanks for all the events and everything guys. All the hosts were amazing, hopefully in the future you will have other fun stuff for the community... Thanks :)
  4. LOL.. NICE, I run aquanos insane, if you guys ever want to play? SoaringEagle36 anyways.. nice trying to get the forum out of the slump.. lol :)
  5. Nice thread... I just posted a thread... but for the monk, the t26 is a beast...
  6. Whats up dungeon defenders community, I am just practicing this weeks event, if you need help or possible weapons and armor.. hit me up on psn- SoaringEagle36 have completed it on my own trial runs on numerous occassions, so if your interested. just hit me up.. thanks :)
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