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  1. Yeah, I saw someone posing as beastly101, and he asked for 20$ psn and he would give me everything in his tavern. I then continued to ask him (knowing he was a fake) how much your REAL account moo? He then immidiately kicked me <3
  2. Hey Tito, I had work this morning until 1:00 CT. I took a chance and hoped you wouldnt invite me in the morning. Sorry for missing it /: Could you send me another?
  3. You serious? PvP isn't meant for gambling....
  4. How do you view the list? I scrolled every which way on the spreadsheet. Saw nothing.
  5. No, I'm not giving any of my stuff away. I'm keeping it in case I need any of my things for the events.
  6. Yeah guys, I know you guys dont really like me but peace.
  7. Eagle. That is a hypocritical statement. You say stop trading with people yet you know that will never happen and you do it yourself.
  8. Its not that the 12 year olds are duping. It is the fact that they get so excited when they get a good event item from a trade. The idea of it being a dupe never crosses their mind. ya know?
  9. The sad thing is the twelve year old's aren't the ones duping items. Anyways, I hope you have an amazing time on whatever game you decide to go and play but I also hope to see you around the forums still. Just because you don't play dungeon defenders doesn't mean you can't kick back and have some bacon with us. Cure, I will stay active in the forums as I stated in the beginning. And yes, I would love to share the some bacon with you guys.
  10. I never trade 12 year olds. I see all their posts on the forums and it gets me mad. Oh and bugs, it doesnt matter YOUR age, everyone knows your true colors.
  11. Guys, I am quitting DD. Too many 12 year olds running around selling duped items. Kids think its better just to trade quickly so they can build up to a certain weapon or make a shop without considering the fact f duplicates. I hate it. I will still be active on forums. Only reason I will go on DD is to do events since.. well... the hosts are just nothing but awesome! Well I hope you guys have a great time. Stay away from the bad people. Sincerely, :santa:Ninja_Shanka:santa:
  12. That isn't much different than the allocer. Dude you have 125 starting on all tower stats. The Allocer has like 45. No it isnt that much different....
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