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  1. Shamelessly plugging, but I really feel this will help a lot of folks with the same issue as Fozzie mentions here: Gearing Guide
  2. This may help. Forum Gear Guide. If you find it useful please leave a reply, it may help others in the same situation :-)
  3. This may help, leave a reply if you found it useful, if we keep it near the top maybe people will have less trouble in future. Forum linky: Gear Progression made simple.
  4. Using the same mule as main is for the weapon drops. Weapon drops favour your active hero, so the upgrades for you mule will be more frequent.
  5. Had someone ask me last night how i got to were i was. I was surpised to learn how bad off he was, asc 100 with C1. So many folks like this. And they are just the ones that stick it out. I have to wonder how many people just give up and leave the game. That and if people knew how loot worked there wouldn't be as many leechers, I spend at least 30 minutes out of every session playing asking people politely to leave, and explaining why they should. Not so much since the patch, but because of the problem above, people with 200+ Asc can have C1 gear.
  6. lol - would certainly have helped me out, I spent a hundred Asc levels trying to figure out what I was doing wrong.
  7. I agree its less than ideal, but I applaud them trying to end leeching. Keeping the mystery a little I can understand also, but its frustrating and can spoil people's enjoyment when they never get any better because "better" gear makes them worse. I wrote this up, hopefully it'll help some people: Forum Gearing Guide
  8. This may help, if you both do the same thing: Forum Gearing Guide Also, luck plays a part. If you got an item of "super loot" at some point, you'll have got a leg up and an early lead, as future drops are based on what you have.
  9. How to get gear and progress though the chaos tiers comes up over and over again. If you have seen or asked any of these questions, you have probably run a-foul of the loot system: "I can get X far in CX, no problem, but my gear isn't good enough to do even one wave in CX+1!!" "I've played CX until I am bored, I can do it AFK! But I still cannot do CX+1!" "My gear never seems to get any better! What am I doing wrong?!" Whilst there are multiple answers to these questions: you should consider your tower placement and the new unique mob abilities in your new tier, also know that there are caps on the quality of gear you can get in each tier. However, the most common answer is: "Do you know how to get better gear?" So here it is, as simple to follow as I can make it, not perfect, not the most efficient, but it will keep you progressing without need of sites, spreadsheets and too much fiddling : 1) Set aside a character in your deck (one of your active 4) as your "Mule", you wont play this character. If you use the same class Mule as the character you are going to play, you will get more high level weapon drops for your "Main". 2) After every map (or wave, if you're after speedier progression) go to your Mule, equip it with Blue Items, and ONLY Blue Items. Be sure to pick THE MOST EXPENSIVE BLUE ITEM FOR EVERY SLOT. You can leave all but one of your relic slots empty if you choose, this will marginally increase your progression speed. 3) Profit! By having a character with the most expensive Blue Items (by gold value) that you can find that character will be considered by the game to be your best equipped character and base your future drops on your Mule's gear. We use Blue's as they are common, and it leaves Purple Items and Yellow Items for your main, who you should equip with the gear you prefer. Note: This is not intended to be perfect, it is not the most efficient, it is effective! You can look up in-depth guides if you want perfect, efficient and lots of spreadsheets. If you want to chill and enjoy the game without worrying about frustrating drop mechanics: this is the guide for you!
  10. I don't mind random, I hate repetition. I have lost count of the times I've ended up in the same map 4 times in a row, and I've developed an unhealthy dislike for those maps for that reason. Picking just the first map would help with this, and other than the coding side I see no downside, but I'd also like to see a 2 map veto. Done it twice? Different map please.
  11. What!? How is the Flame Aura Broken? -SNIP- SO...if LSA and FA is really broken....nerfs is most likely expected? And when Those gets nerfed, something is eventually gonna get broken. So it's going to be an endless cycle of "broken" towers? Are you suggesting my reasoning is faulty or that Trendy will never settle on a balance?
  12. Squire: Spike Blockade: Most common barrier, covers a wide area for only 30DU, damages attackers with periodic melee hits (Spikes to the face!!) Training Dummy: Does much more damage than the Spike Blockade but covers a smaller area. Viable up to Chaos 4, when "Lady Orcs" (Berserkers) will laugh at them as they run past. Monk: No Blockades. Auras do awesome damage and is the only free Anti-Aircraft builder. Huntress: No Blockades. Very rarely see her defences these days since Poison Tower got nerfed. However I cant say I disagree with what was done, and none of her other defences ever got used. I haven't played her much, so don't want to comment in ignorance. EV2: No Blockades. Required for Chaos 6 due to Reflect Field, which is a blockade for ranged mob attacks. Apprentice: Arcane Barrier: Very similar to the Spike Blockade. Only causes damage to attackers when it loses 20% HP, but causes a decent AoE damage instead of constant spike attacks. Abyss Lord: (I own, but don't play so, as I recall...) Skeletal Orcs: Hit harder than Spike Barricades, but cover a smaller area. Colossus: Hits like a runaway freight train, and cares about goblins hitting it just as much as a 1000 ton train would. However, you can only have 1 per Abyss Lord and they don't come cheap. Dryad: (my speciality) World Tree: Smallest of the barriers (I think the same as Training Dummy, only without the AoE damage). It is generally not used as a Blockade for the same reason as Training Dummy isn't: "Lady Orcs", they just run past because it doesn't block enough space. That said, the smaller blockades, such as World Tree and Training Dummy have other uses, such as slotting them with Power Pylon and/or Health Pylon, and using them as a secondary blockade. If 1 of the others isn't quite wide enough, you can fill the gap with a smaller one; the Training Dummy will add damage to the front line, and the World Tree will add a Hero healing aura and Crit increase for anyone near the front line. They still need to be tough, but not as tough as the main blockade that will be getting most of the hits (Usually the closest to the approaching mobs) I probably missed something or got some stuff wrong, either due to the game being constantly updated or faulty memory but I think that about covers it. There is no "best" barrier. There are barriers that are poor at being barriers, but they have other uses. It boils down to the "Lady Orc", just like the other Chaos unique mobs, she is designed to make a mockery of specific towers, rendering them virtually useless. In her case its narrow barriers.
  13. What!? How is the Flame Aura Broken? It can cover a massive area (Deadly Strikes Shard) and it hits :everything: in that area. They cannot escape it, they cannot resist it, and it hits targets on the ground, it hits targets in the sky, and the mobs will, every single time, take maximum damage from it. (They are forced to walk from one edge to the other taking damage, all of them) Unlike say the Harpy, which will hit things that are in front, and not behind, so one tough mob at the front protects all mobs behind it, so even with Deadly Strikes, all mobs behind the first one are safe. Harpy has the ability to pierce enemies, but the damage decreases with each enemy it goes through, and only hits a max of 3. And will probably never even touch the birds flying along over the group of mobs. Another example, something which is getting "OP" thrown at it a lot at the minute as it's the flavour of the month for YouTubers: Hornets. Hornets will hit 2-3 targets simultaneously, they will keep hitting 3 target in their area for the full journey from one side to the other of their area but will only ever hit 2-3 targets simultaneously. To compensate they need higher DPS, so that their targets die and they move on to new targets. But people only see the mobs falling over dead, not the damage done over :every single mob: in the effect's area. In fact its effects are similar to a Corrupt Harpy, only Hornets don't have a reload animation the length of most ice-ages. (subtle adept-related pun, points if you got it.) Flame aura is massively powerful, but subtle, so its only once you get to optimised builds (mostly C7) that you see it abused. On top of the Monk having possibly :the: most powerful wide Area of Effect tower, he has recently been buffed to have one of the best single target towers also, the Lightning Strike Aura, it can be placed anywhere and will never die, has a huge range and always strikes the tougher mobs, not the ones in front like direct damage towers. On top of that its also the cheapest single target tower and can be placed :inside: a flame aura so you get both effects in the same space for only 50DU. Add in the fact that Monk has the ONLY free and effective Anti-Air tower and it adds up to a 99% ::required:: character. Hence, broken.
  14. Weapon Manufacturer cannot be upgraded as it is intended to manufacture items, so upgrades would have to improve the items, which is a whole new load of code to write. It may happen, especially as the weapons it makes are currently garbage. People say it is OP because it cannot be upgraded, so it starts at "full power". The other side of the argument is that as it cant be upgraded it can never get to "full power", but basically building it saves on Mana costs for upgrades and with the correct shard it can have 7 nodes of death all in a very small space doing far more damage than any other aura can in such a space. Also being an aura it gains their strengths: It his all the enemies all of the time and can hit fliers if built by their entrances. Flame Aura is way more powerful than WM, that's because the Monk is broken. He's required in your deck for 90% of maps(only free anti-air), and is the only character that makes C7 AFK-able. (auras kill Koboltz) EV's Weapon Manufacturer got a recent nerf as it was used in the same way as the Monk's Fire Auras are now: Huge area of constant damage both on the ground and above it. Single target towers got a recent buff to try and compensate somewhat. This worked, in that single target towers can now kill the tough stuff, but they are still 100% pointless against Geodes, so they are rarely built, which adds to the impression that auras (such as the weapon manufacturer) are overpowered, because its all people see built after C2.
  15. You're complaining because the game changed whilst you were gone? Would you be happy if it was exactly the same as when you left? Yeah you have to grind again, that's what happens as they add more content. Odd that.
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