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  1. Can ask cabbag3 and see what he says, he is a scumbag tho. Its obvious Damocles didnt spend the last 9 years with him Kwee Ragequit during DD2 early onslaught, havent seen him since. Desktop still creepin aswell
  2. The time is in the post lol
  3. Fishyx360

    Chromatic Games Dev Log 1

    "Double jump is best jump" But what about triple jump? Let me play now plz
  4. Mastery can be finished, the fact it came out and had active competition during its prime (Before mods and wm let you afk the hardest mode) gave it a reason. The shards at the time were something cool, the crowns for top 10 was something to strive for. Just like ons had the floor 114 flairs at the start, it was a nice reward for something challenging (Now not so much as more or less everyone got it). As the game progressed they have just made it easier and easier to achieve everything, instead of building onto it and tweaking the challenge. Its now 945 floors of who can cheese the best, with 0 rewards after welfare floors. For the longest time i expected them to actually go back and re-tweak the mode, they kinda did but every tweak made it easier and dumber. The "rewards" are still stuck in afk-ville, a skin/flair for every 100 floors and finally one for 999 would be the ultimate goal (Those crystalline skins could had come to great use there instead of being a backer thing) I just find it tragic that they had to go do this after Marcos hit 999, its a pathetic way of stopping players. They might aswell remove every floor above 945 and just say "WIP coming soon"
  5. Its true that the loot in this game is extremely lackluster compared to the DD1 loot, for some reason they went with the choice of watering it down to be as generic as possible (outside of what 8 weapons?). Having the mp buff of getting more legendarys makes them even more worthless, because sometimes less is more or atleast it means more. But when the game is where its at right now adding a different tier wouldnt be the best answer, personally i would love it but there is hardly any content that requires the extra tier. Only a few people are messing around in high onslaught, most players are stuck in the constant ons floor 50-80 loop (or begging for help with said loop). We need content that is worthy of rewarding of us with the new tier before we get it, truth it is most of us dont currently need it. The answer to your issues is most likely shards/setups/mod quality if you are struggling, not gear in general. Hopefully in the future they can improve on the loot, make it stand out a bit more (Maybe we can even try to live up to the a-rpg part) but right now all that loot would mean is that it would make it 50-100% easier to afk in a game thats mostly afkable already. But at the same time whats the point if the gameplay loop of ons 50-80 for all eternity is still around?
  6. 2 accounts gets 2x loot, common sense. Why would it be unfair? Its not like Trendy will screw over splitscreening players, lots of console players still moan whenever a title releases without couch coop
  7. Make the lobby system like DD1, it aint rocket science Trendo.
  8. The tax should stay, they already explained several times why it exists and what its purpose is. Its a non issue that people blow out of proportions just because you "lose" 15% on a sale. If the item is below 500k you lose chump change either way Being able to buy shards for gold will probably happen when hell freezes over, just accept that the game is grindy and if you wanna get the best stuff you gotta put time in. If you want game with shorter progression there are plenty of em out there
  9. On a grindy day 8-10h On an average day 4-6h On a meh im bored day 0-1h
  10. Angry Nimbus on Dead Road wave 5 shouldn't bug out anymore. "Angry nimbus removed from game as of patch 2.4"
  11. I think you need to shape up and grab some friends and just do it, just because you cant grasp the difficulty of it doesnt make it impossible. If you get this frustrated over C1 then yeah glhf when the maps gets more tricky. Im still at 730/735 because of C6 LHV (Race is over so im not going back) I mostly ran it with 2-3 people, some maps would had been easier with 1 and others would had been easier with 2 etc. Can always try the discord lfg or the xbox lfg to find others. Throne room will suck in most mastery tiers, you get used to it. You have access to all mastery shards now as opposed to what we had when it came out, you can easily barebones it to unlock some of the filthier ones and just go mop up mode after that. You also said "2/6 heroes are now useless" i wouldnt even touch mastery without having every single char available for the build 10 different defences. If there was any incentive for people that already done it to redo it you still wouldnt see any public games hosted, atleast not on xbox as the playerbase skill is more or less abyssmal.
  12. The thing is that there isnt anything special enough to trade in the game, everything is easy enough to get as it is.
  13. 1: Change maps per floor to 2 instead of 3 2: Make Temple only appear every 5th floor (5-10-15 etc) 3: More maps available in Ons, it feels like im alternating between 4 maps after floor 60 4: Pet revamp is needed, outside of sparkle party they just feel useless. 5: More maps! Xbox has been out the shortest and im so sick and tired of playing the same maps over and over with little variation. 6: Boss rush return! Sometimes you just wanna beat the *** out of something but cba building. Boss rush is the perfect place to let loose some aggression (and maybe its the place to find non lackluster weapons) 7: Slight buff to AP bonuses that needs it (Range is a perfect example of something extremely lackluster) 8: Prestige point coins. So you dont wanna spend 2m on viscious strikes? Well what about with every 1 (maybe 2) resets you get a coin that can be used to save an item the way it is? It might be a shard that you want saved or a godrolled totem/medallion/weapon. Considering the lack of item grinding that is currently in this game (compared to DD1) this would be a way of encouraging looking out for said items while pushing resets. "But if you have c7 gear you can just skip to c7 straight away" no not really if you add in a pre req that the item couldnt be equipped before you reach the tier it drops from. This could be a way for people to save gold/tears from having to part ways with some cool ***
  14. IPWR requirements to even join a game would sort this out, hopefully trendy realize that host vote > majority vote is the way to go (Brought it up during devstream and isom responded so im praying that gets looked at) So far the DD2 community have been a major letdown, i was looking forward to play DD on xbox without all the mods and bs that we had in DD1. See some cool builds and all that jazz, instead its just weapon mans and leechers/useless people. The game have been so casualized its unreal, but i guess you gotta attract those new possible moneymakers. Its just depressing not being able to just jump into a game without being chased by 3 people that want you to build everything for them, just give me a chance to relax and take my gunwitch out for a spin for once.
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