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  1. You cant extract xbox saves like you could during the 360 era, duping didnt work during those days either as item id’s would just delete the other
  2. Can ask cabbag3 and see what he says, he is a scumbag tho. Its obvious Damocles didnt spend the last 9 years with him Kwee Ragequit during DD2 early onslaught, havent seen him since. Desktop still creepin aswell
  3. The time is in the post lol
  4. "Double jump is best jump" But what about triple jump? Let me play now plz
  5. Mastery can be finished, the fact it came out and had active competition during its prime (Before mods and wm let you afk the hardest mode) gave it a reason. The shards at the time were something cool, the crowns for top 10 was something to strive for. Just like ons had the floor 114 flairs at the start, it was a nice reward for something challenging (Now not so much as more or less everyone got it). As the game progressed they have just made it easier and easier to achieve everything, instead of building onto it and tweaking the challenge. Its now 945 floors of who can cheese the best, with 0
  6. Its true that the loot in this game is extremely lackluster compared to the DD1 loot, for some reason they went with the choice of watering it down to be as generic as possible (outside of what 8 weapons?). Having the mp buff of getting more legendarys makes them even more worthless, because sometimes less is more or atleast it means more. But when the game is where its at right now adding a different tier wouldnt be the best answer, personally i would love it but there is hardly any content that requires the extra tier. Only a few people are messing around in high onslaught, most players are
  7. 2 accounts gets 2x loot, common sense. Why would it be unfair? Its not like Trendy will screw over splitscreening players, lots of console players still moan whenever a title releases without couch coop
  8. Make the lobby system like DD1, it aint rocket science Trendo.
  9. The tax should stay, they already explained several times why it exists and what its purpose is. Its a non issue that people blow out of proportions just because you "lose" 15% on a sale. If the item is below 500k you lose chump change either way Being able to buy shards for gold will probably happen when hell freezes over, just accept that the game is grindy and if you wanna get the best stuff you gotta put time in. If you want game with shorter progression there are plenty of em out there
  10. On a grindy day 8-10h On an average day 4-6h On a meh im bored day 0-1h
  11. Angry Nimbus on Dead Road wave 5 shouldn't bug out anymore. "Angry nimbus removed from game as of patch 2.4"
  12. I think you need to shape up and grab some friends and just do it, just because you cant grasp the difficulty of it doesnt make it impossible. If you get this frustrated over C1 then yeah glhf when the maps gets more tricky. Im still at 730/735 because of C6 LHV (Race is over so im not going back) I mostly ran it with 2-3 people, some maps would had been easier with 1 and others would had been easier with 2 etc. Can always try the discord lfg or the xbox lfg to find others. Throne room will suck in most mastery tiers, you get used to it. You have access to all mastery shards now as opposed to
  13. The thing is that there isnt anything special enough to trade in the game, everything is easy enough to get as it is.
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