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  1. I can help, just I'd have to do it early morning or late evening. Just depends on the time I get on the PS3. I'll gladly help all three of you. I have double accounts on my PS3 the second account is a gear hog and has a few low levels that I could help with. My PSN is in my Signature. Just add me, I'll add you when I log in next. See ya in the dungeons of Etheria.
  2. Post deleted. Please do not flag other users for their misconducts. It will only create commotion/chaos in the community. - Tito
  3. Also on a fast note, I don't mind new friends seeing as how my old ones left the game. I do have a Mic for the games requiring it. All my characters are respectively above 70 by at most 8 levels at the most. Huntress being my highest atm.
  4. I'm up for Morrago or Aquanos. Mistymire I tend to despise due to the Spiders. My Tower Squire isn't insane ready for MM, AQ, or MO. My Tower Squire is barely able to pull down Glitter Insane Normal without me having a second controller with my dps on it.
  5. I've actually did a few farms on Insane+ and the junk I get from chests looks all the same. Spent 3+ hrs and got one piece of gear in all my runs that was worth keeping. As for emailing Trendy, I've done it before. It took over a week for them to respond in order for me to have my forum access to post here. Not to mention I recently lost all my trophies because Trendy doesn't have their trophies syncing with PSN. The only up side to Insane+ for me is the factor of watching people do it. If my friends were to come back, I'd be more than happy to farm all day. But leveling is like pulling teeth
  6. Free content oh wow and I've not seen any decent gear drop from Chests off Insane+. The experience to me seems like the same, only difference is they completely overhauled the mooks. Likelihood of them answering this, ZERO. Which I figured considering Trendy doesn't give a rats behind about any of their players outside of the PC. Just like most other gaming companies who design a game for other platforms. PC will always take precedent over the Consoles in Customer Service/support issues. Another thing, I rather not email them because it's likely they won't respond to it either. I'm glad my oth
  7. First off this is directed toward someone who actually knows what they are talking about. I'd like an answer from Trendy not some player who claims to know it all. What exactly is the point behind Insane+? Does it give better items? Does it even give better experience? Why does your Insane Normal Score show for Insane+? I have done the math with the experience and seen items from it. They are in my opinion no better. Experience is the same after all bonuses are added up. This is coming from someone who just recently used his other account to see if there was a TRUE difference. I'd appr
  8. Kildorn60 [PS3] I do help new players out. I'm not a kicker who kicks for no reason. Higher levels than myself or my family(provided I have my brother playing) are not welcome due to we like a challenge.
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