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  1. okay i found out what was wrong, i wasnt an administrator, made my account an admin and it was all good :D
  2. I tried playing it on my old PC and it can connect fine (however it's far to laggy to play on) but still nothing on this computer any ideas why?
  3. I've now tried reinstalling Dungeon Defenders however still no success also i'm not getting any error message it's just when i try and play on ranked it comes up "Failed To Connect To TrendyNet" The game isn't actually crashing or anything i tried the -dowritelog however all that is in the .txt is (19:16:45:242)Log: Log file open, 03/01/14 19:16:45 (19:16:45:242)Log: Closing by request (19:16:46:464)Log: Log file closed, 03/01/14 19:16:46 Any last suggestions before i give up completely :( spent most of my day trying to find a way to fix this.
  4. It's been 2 days now and still nothing, i've tried all the suggestions and tried everything on stickied post about this. Guess all i can really do know is hope it is just a problem with steam and that it will go away :( hopefully i'll be able to show of my almost 800 hours to my newly joined friends, i'd hate to lose all that work
  5. Whenever i try to connect it instantly says "Failed To Connect to TrendyNet" and my friend says he hasn't been having any problems . Also i should point out i can play on open no problems it trying to play on ranked that isn't working so i'm presuming it isn't a steam related problem.
  6. I went back on to dungeon defenders for the first time in a while today and for some reason i cant connect to trendy net. i read the stickied post about this however it didn't explain how to get the log file or crash report (or i must have missed it) could someone explain how to do this?
  7. Today i decided to play on Dungeon Defenders after a very long break, but when i went to play on ranked it instantly came up "Failed To Connect To TrendyNet" please can someone help me, I've tried looking it up but all the links seem to be for the old forums. I had put in almost 800 hours into this game and i was really looking forward to getting to show them of to some friends who just started :D
  8. [SUP][/SUP] hehe.......i'll try and do a better one tomorrow on Photoshop, did that one on my XOOM while trying to get to sleep :D
  9. You should upload all the stages :) you updated it in the few mins i was of reading other posts :D
  10. MicroMe


    Sucky Scotland... we get plenty of rain but no snow :(
  11. I remember Dungeon Defenders was one of the suggested apps on the Motorola website when i bought my XOOM, it was hardly love at first sight , in fact i couldn't work it at all! i was so annoyed that i uninstalled it but then a couple of weeks later, i can't remember why exactly but i decided to give it a second chance :D. From that day on i don't think i've put it down :D about 780 hours on pc and must have been AT LEAST 400 hours on mobile... i miss the good ole days :( when people hacked to get 50 stats! lol... and people on PC complain about RNG :D
  12. Wait...... you were getting a supreme almost ever run? and three ults?!........are you talking about armour or weapons?
  13. I hope they do something with it because i have no where near enough to buy any rares and I've never been able to take part in an event :(
  14. Well a while ago i must have set Dungeon Defenders to windowed mode but now i can't remember how to switch back :( and unfortunately a controller simulator i'm trying requires you to be in full screen mode :( so if anyone could kindly tell be how to switch back to full screen, it would be greatly appreciated :D
  15. I wonder how far you could get with just using EV :D
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