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  1. 1. Maxing out 1 is nice to focus on a single aspect, you want tons of damage: max out AP/AD, you want to be able to tank some damage, take HD. (personally i would say max AP/AD) 2. Full DP then Defense attack speed then put rest into crit. Crit is the least effective of the 3. 3. Dont worry to much about gold. once you get to nightmare 4, you will have more gold then you can spend.
  2. Small rant incoming. I decided to play Public! as this game clearly advertises that it is fun and all. From the games I played 80% and yes I counted go as follows: I start the game -> I start building -> people join -> 2 people press G when build not ready -> i try to kick them -> its a kick vote...... The enemies walk straight to crystal, bam lose. Then the 120 timer starts, nobody presses G so i sit there waiting... Then the end game pop up show, another 120 second wait since no one presses G. I restart the game, 5 minutes lost for no reason and nothing was gained, a
  3. Short question, do the passive's vipers bite and purge evil work simultaneously? Both trigger when enemy dies and causes them to explode. i tried to test it but difficult to validate
  4. No , it was nightmare all mobs needed multiple hits
  5. Recently I bought the earthy knock-up sphere, I thought some nice knockups would help me handle a wave of mobs. Though I got the feeling during my games that knockups didn't occur. Thanks to the monthly mission of this month I was able to track the amount of knock-ups the towers have done. I have played 3 rounds nightmare 1. This was 7 waves per game with about and average of 200 minnions per wave, totalling 4200 minnions. Every lane had a minimum of 1 earth tower and maximum of 3. The amount of knockups that occurred: 3!!!!! The combination of a low percentage chance for the knockup (15%)
  6. Hi, I was wondering if I can see what map I already completed on HARD mode. I cant seem to keep track of the maps and what modes I completed them on. gr Arca
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