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  1. Great thread! Thanks for all the help with the chaos tiers, and for the chaos 6 runs I learned a lot and got some nice gear.
  2. This update is AMAZING!! Thanks Trendy <3 Things I LOVE - the mystic's art, colors, and animations (especially the death animation) - the new loading screens with the story - the new main page with cinematic of maps - New colored combat/build phase with cool fade - the flow of the story and the levels - saving the stats for level up every 5 levels - loot progression ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- loot on my play-through I played through the campaign normal with my new mystic with no pet and an empty hero deck. I did the whole campaign by hitting "next map" always had usable loot with the right stats. I received my first legendary at level 40 when I completed nimbus Reach. (perfect timing) got my second legend at the harbinger map. this made getting a legendary feel exciting to get, since I only got 2 during my campaign run to level 50. VERY fun play through to level 50! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Suggestions - the snake flying around the mystic when her purple mana bar is very disorienting to me. maybe the snake could be smaller? or maybe the snake could go around her once or twice when she fills her mana bar. - add a way to bring the mouse on screen to be able to hover over the buff icons under health to see what they are. -The Mystic's feet look swollen :) (she looks so awesome! but her man feet bother me) -The new combat/build phase fonts are combat = green and build = blue. my opinion would be to swap them, so combat is blue and build green to match the mana most heroes use for each. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Transition to endgame? I hit level 50 in the middle of my harbinger fight solo, empty deck with no pet after the harbinger fight at level 50 my ipwr was 220. I never used the wheel to upgrade any items. when I arrived back to town I checked the table to start into hard mode, when I noticed the ipwr for NM1 gates was only 230 and since I was already at 220 I figured I would give it a shot. It wasn't hard at all to win and I got some great loot. so my question is what is the incentive for players to do hard mode at all when they hit 50 after campaign normal? thanks again Trendy this update had to be a ton of work! it is so fun
  3. I thought the whole point of the bow was to turn enemies into gold, so it would fit perfectly into a huntress jackpot build for building gold reserves.
  4. Send an email to dani.moore[at]trendyent[dot]com, and he'll be able to help you out. Thank you for the fast response Captain :D
  5. I was so excited to get started on the loot test I failed to read all the instructions.... I submitted my current account with over 900 hours instead of a new steam account. I submitted a ticket and I stopped playing so I don't make the issue worse. any advice?
  6. loading screens,skins, cursor packs, decorations for my own tavern, emotes, animations that play when I spawn or after victory.
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