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  1. Great thread! Thanks for all the help with the chaos tiers, and for the chaos 6 runs I learned a lot and got some nice gear.
  2. This update is AMAZING!! Thanks Trendy <3 Things I LOVE - the mystic's art, colors, and animations (especially the death animation) - the new loading screens with the story - the new main page with cinematic of maps - New colored combat/build phase with cool fade - the flow of the story and the levels - saving the stats for level up every 5 levels - loot progression ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- loot on my play-through I played through the campaign normal with my new mystic with no pet and an empty hero dec
  3. I thought the whole point of the bow was to turn enemies into gold, so it would fit perfectly into a huntress jackpot build for building gold reserves.
  4. Send an email to dani.moore[at]trendyent[dot]com, and he'll be able to help you out. Thank you for the fast response Captain :D
  5. I was so excited to get started on the loot test I failed to read all the instructions.... I submitted my current account with over 900 hours instead of a new steam account. I submitted a ticket and I stopped playing so I don't make the issue worse. any advice?
  6. loading screens,skins, cursor packs, decorations for my own tavern, emotes, animations that play when I spawn or after victory.
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