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  1. I don't want to rehash the already discussed. If there's a thread please direct me and my pardons. I started tweaking a few dps characters and as DD is very scenario based its fun to have options. I have noted the emphasis of boost monks with recent DLCs. My DPS monk is now largely relegated to standing by idling boosting. I'm looking through my gear and wondering if my dps/boost monk gear would be better suited on another character (not the point which character) but currently my monk is at 3600 in hero boost and 2600 in tower boost. I believe if focused, like my barbarian is for pure
  2. use the bridge overhead. the only thing that spawns up there are spiders. as long as you don't have auras touching the top of the bridge, you should be golden. just aggro one a drag to another. it's amazingly tedious but works.
  3. Winning CD on hard core with a jester. Does this award a random legendary costume or? Thanks.
  4. http://forums.trendyent.com/search.php
  5. I use these forums from my phone without using it. I don't see why I should pay for something when I can get away without it. To each their own I guess. For me the interface is much easier to work with and use then the web forums. The HD version of Tapatalk is also quite good.
  6. Well, Akatiti - I was able to hand the boss his first loss at my hands last night. I just ran circles around him letting my boosted seahorse do the work. I'm guessing my failed strategy was taking too many hits straight on. Thanks for the tips. Now for Winter Wonderland.
  7. I must be missing the obvious with Akatiti being insta-kill. I have a 20k seahorse and it was far from it. I one shotted the bosses on Insane and got handed the 3 times I've fought him on NM. I'll go with kiting and seahorses to see how that fairs. Thanks.
  8. Greetings. I haven't played since just after Tavern Defense (also pre-utimate+ items). Friends picked up the humble bundle and here - I'm back. Ultimate Defender - reasonably geared and can build both Akatiti and Winter Wonderland solo and dragging a couple under geared friends along. However I cannot seem to put a dent in either Akatiti nor Winter Wonderlands 8 bosses on NM. Resists in nightmare for monk, barb, jester are at or very near 90%. Barb dps - 50m (140m hawk), monk - 40m, jester - 80m. I've watched several videos on both maps, almost all have better stats and dps than I. Has
  9. many a bearded defender. nice touch Trendy.
  10. I always max tower atk and tower rate, the remaining goes to hero hp or casting speed. Range for a squire doesn't seem to matter much at all, less so on a buff beam.
  11. Nice work! My favorite part is how easy you make it look.
  12. im not saying you should not use 4, im just saying with 2 people its a piece of cake :3 ( aka if u want all the costumes i would suggest using ur team to get pass the dragon, demon and mech then 2 of u leave then kill old one once u do this one of u can easy kill old one wile one of you use like a hunter witch tbh does like no dps so u wont be much help, and keep going to all ur team has the costumes, u also get a TON more weps this way, reducing the chance to fail coz he only has like 73mil hp :P, XD) Not sure I follow, nor do I want to hijack the thread, but could you explain that a bit
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