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  1. 12. By next generation consoles, does that include the Wii U?
  2. I want to give my friend a game for his laptop as a going to college gift, I kind of don't have $15 to get the game myself. I also need the Penny Arcade Costume DLC. It's the only piece of DLC I don't have for the game =)
  3. then you probably shouldn't have posted this if you didn't want a nerf
  4. Yeah that's what I was thinking, but I'm waiting to see if steam is going to play nice and fix it...
  5. question #1: why does no-one use gas traps against queen? Don't they work? question #2: do you think something like this would work? (I know I need more range for the proxy but I can fix that.) http://ddplanner.com/?l=6593,would-this-work What would you change in this build? Don't think Gas traps work, but that build looks pretty interesting... I'll give it a try.
  6. Ah okay awesome :), I only looked at the video. Oh okay.. just tell me how it goes.
  7. Great build will definitely try it out. What would you recommend to spent the additional 15 DU on? This includes the extra 15 DU. It says 140 of 140. I put added two harpoons and an extra ensnare aura.
  8. Lol I thought so too, folders = win, especially with all the items I pick up in a game.
  9. Time for me to give back to the community with my first guide, 'cause y'know I been leeching off you guys forever lol! It should work for solo to quad (I only done it solo and trio). If you can let me know how'd you do! Also I'm not sure of the lowest stats it's possible to do this, so let me know if you did it with lower stats than me! I have a friend who should be testing it for me, but he hasn't reported back yet. This build was based off of Ghoulic123's build on Youtube. originally he didn't make a DDPlanner build as far as I knew, so I started with that. Then, I changed it up to
  10. I love FOLDERS! I use folders, and lots of them, but I'm missing two things to set them over the top! Especially since I change up my folders quite a bit. Reorder Folders: I wish I could reorder folders so that they can be in a certain order. Maybe I want them in alphabetical order or something? Or level order? Who knows, but it's currently not supported. If I did happen to miss something with reordering folders please let me know, 'cause I ain't perfect. =) EDIT: Oh! And maybe the ability to move entire folders to Player Shops
  11. that can you run it website? it says i have to download something first I'm using Chrome, didn't happen to me at all.
  12. Nope, but you atleast need some kind of graphics card with Pixel shader 3 to run it... try checking out CYRI to see if you can run it.
  13. Yeah, you're going to need a monk. Also, it might help if you have people to play with. Add me on steam: Saxrebel. Maybe my strategy I used to beat the boss still works.
  14. Honestly, I think it says more about my expectations of people in the interwebz in general than it does about what I wrote. I'm not trying to rant or flame. (And to the early poster, I think of a rant as being full of anger. I'm not. I'm more just kind of depressed, so to me that's the difference.) And I get what you're saying saxysaxplayer. I made that decision a couple times already, but feel like I'm moving backwards rather than forwards. If the question is "Why did I bother?" then there are two answers. The first is to serve as a reminder that the constant changes come with a price, a
  15. This specific setup is tailored for starting at wave 13 nmhc survival for dragons, which i personally think are awesome:D Oh okay, it's survival! Cool! What the best Dragon you've gotten
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