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  1. i'm guessing rainbow "skittles.... taste the rainbow" lol
  2. the events are great and the hosts are awesome, thx for the fun guys!
  3. What is Team Carnage? What do you guys do?
  4. armor 74: 39^ weapon74: 133^(oculus) pet 74: 69^ (giraffe) armor78: 60^ idk the others
  5. hey i've got a bunch of stuff i can give you for friday, inv and i'll spam your tavern with lower rank items. lol i've got a few oculus, undying rod, blasticus and giraffes
  6. kinda. you can find many new players in public matches, most of the experienced players all play in private lobbies. if you really like this game and get into it, it's not hard to find people to play with.
  7. i think the patch is coming out soon, so the freezing should be fixed.
  8. thx guys, this topic has been helpful, i now have an oculus with 112 upgrades, 63 charge speed and 1600 projectile speed. :)
  9. i'm about to upgrade an oculus, what's a good charge speed? i was thinking 50.
  10. hey, same with me. i have no late night gamers to run with.
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