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  1. Yeah I call them pioneers.. lolz!!! thanks guys.. so yeah when I tried playing online all of the people ("pioneers") were gone.. So if you guys are still playing, thank God. I'm coming back to play the game but not until my partner in crime finishes COD MW3. I so hate the game but what cn I do?? I suck on building towers on Moraggo (though I knw the set up) But the unfortunate of that I can't beat the Insane timer & I can't finish building in time.. Anyway, let's just see.. I haven't downloaded the shards 4 yet so when u guys find out that the give aways were good, contact me asap then
  2. ok thanks.. I'm not downloading it since many posts on different threads says the rewards are just vanilla items.. is this true??? if it is, that sucks! TE, u fail me again.. tsk tsk.....
  3. I haven't downloaded it so knowing that there isn't good rewards at all helps so much. Thanks.. TE that's a fail... anyway, i haven't played since all the pioneers go awol. Are there still pioneers playing online in PS3 DD???
  4. My advice, don't trade anymore.. That's my policy now..
  5. is D shards 4 for ps3 out now?? or just d lvl 90 cap?????? thanks
  6. Most of my friend list weren't playing this game anymore. Beside from freezing & not getting what they want from TE, the game is like haunted.. I don't see any that they'll be back whether we get the dlcs or not. Seems they're now frustrated with the game & the developer.. More to say, but I can't blame them.. If ever before the console version arrived, the Trendy team fixed everything up & check their future views on console side, this might not happen. If ever before they fixed everything & run tests with their own people for the console version, things will never happen. I d
  7. Indeed, when i played it last time, like a month ago, it was the same. very few games. I guess its worse now. There will be a revival with the patch and new dlc. But the game is dying. RIP ^^this. I feel u.. I knw for sure that the pioneers of the game were gone.. they switched to PC or playing new games. The game is dying & what it keeps it going is this forums & some events..
  8. Run glitterhelm more than 100 times until your characters reaches 78.. Then you're good for Moraggo.. In moraggo, U can get more experience & leveling up there is sweet as potatoes... forgot to mention the weapon drops every u defeat the boss. There's a good chance u might get a good one (a level 100^ upgrade weapon will also make difference)
  9. I had people join my tavern and do that stupid signal on multiple items of mine. Its annoying.Then you have the ones spamming you messages because they have no mic. Thats annoying. ^^THIS. MAny annoying instances like asking if u have this & that..
  10. Hitmonchan said they would fix that if it happened but it will be about the same wait as the 1st time. Its better than totally nothing at all.. I'll take this dundef spider error than wait endlessly for patches & dlcs we really don't knw if it'll come or not
  11. story of my life this thread, i find myself posting here more than playing the game! however when the patch is out.... HARDCORE GAMING! :D ^^^ This.. If the patch will come out with the 4th dlc, me & my spouse will be back on track.. I say playing all the levels on insane + finally grinding in Glitterhelm & Moraggo for better equip & weapons.. Until it comes, say hello to COD MW3, Scott Pilgrim Vs. World (Probably SKyrim & Rainbow Moon) More to say but yeah, until then, we say hello to these games
  12. It really depends.. I got my collection from Misty, Moraggo & Glitter.. Finding them takes patience.. Goodluck
  13. Whats fresh air...? :O ^^this.. LOLZZZZZ!!! Me too, i don't understand the word fresh air?? Is it in the game???? Hahahahahhahaha!!!
  14. You sure got alot of wierd fanboys on psn O_o ^^ this..
  15. u should get PSN+ to save your file. I mean, u'll pay a little for a big price. If u want to return your character jz have a PSN+. There is no way in the world that DD will be saved in a memory stick. I doubt that. Most of the games I saw needed PSN+ jz to be saved. I deleted a lvl 77 squire 3 months ago & I was frustrated. My pSN+ expired that time & I wasn't planning on renewing it until accident happened. SO back on track, I got a PSN+ for the purpose of saving multiple games especially DD. My advice is this. Bec I saw a couple of people lost their characters/deleted them accidental
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