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  1. I really like these two suggestions, +1. Having recently started a new game with some friends, I can say that not being able to specify the amount of mana traded by typing in the trade window is very annoying and pesky. The only way to get around it is by making mana tokens manually for exact amounts. I also prefer the standard tavern theme and it would be cool to be able to switch between the various tavern themes that have been released over the years (Maybe add some machine for the ultimate/legendary defender achievements in the secret rooms for changing the theme).
  2. I definitely prefer having to grind for 5-10 hours to get a desirable good/high-end version of an item on a map as opposed to spending an hour learning the map and playing it a few times for the same reward. (The rarity of a well rolling item should require the user to grind for 5-10 hours to get it imo)
  3. Gratz for the winners maybe you should tell them acen i dont think they will know that they have won :P Saw the post 3 hours after he made it haha, luckily I decided to check the forums that day =P. (He also added everyone on steam I believe and pmed them) Thanks for the giveaway Ddace, I can't wait for the patch! I hope everyone's feedback helped determine what kind of changes needed to be made. Congrats to everyone who won!
  4. you should come back new update is coming soon you knew Once the update comes out I will start playing again. The tower balancing and general patches are promising. I had an ult+ saw I checked in my tavern but it only has ~300 ups and caps around 120/130k
  5. @curtisgk quote: I think there needs to be a balance between the dps and health of SnD's when compared to Bouncers/Spike walls. I want to look into that as well. (specifically a dps/health per du comparison would be optimal since they have different DU costs.)
  6. Ah I guess I was only thinking about the end game, thanks for the clarification. I would like to see a comparison between lightning towers and lightning auras with similar stats due to the rate buff. I might try to test it out later this week. If anyone else has tried out something similar, post away!
  7. What inspired the change of base charges on all traps to 3? 1/2/2 was just fine in my opinion.
  8. @CrzyRndm quote: Thanks for your response CrzyRndm, The OP lists "Option settings not being retained" under current issues. Is this just an issue with persistence between game launches or in game persistence? I think that even just having a key toggle for the beams during gameplay (not an actual setting, just a hot key) would suffice. If the only problem is persistence between game launches, I don't see what is preventing implementation.
  9. Is there a plan to implement a toggle for loot particle beams? A setting and a hot-key would be nice.
  10. I posted this in the particle beam thread, but i will repost it here: I would suggest a toggle button for the rarity particle beams so you don't have to open up settings and disable/enable it every time. Probably something convenient to press like tilde (~).
  11. I feel like the trading section could use a sticky with information like this, I am sure it will help a lot of new people figure out what is going on around here. I would like to note that because of DD1's client-sided elements, it is possible to hack/dupe items. Although, it is against the rules to discuss the means of such actions on the forums. It happens frequently unfortunately, and there is not much we can do about it besides doing things like item-checking, tracing, and censoring. Your best chance of getting items that aren't hacked is by using only the forums to facilitate trade. In game trading is unreliable. If you are interested in getting your items checked, I would advise posting them in the official stickied item check thread here. Item checking is done by community members who understand how stats are rolled on items and what the maximum possible values are for each. Checking tries to ensure that your items aren't hacked, however it is unfortunately possible to hack items that will pass a check.
  12. 3500 Cubes my dear Friend VeeToO :D I want to say that the fact that this is not a "true" armguard auction reduces it's value (it was given out for winning a contest, it is not from the actual event). Additionally, there are not nearly as many buyers/sellers as there used to be, so there is not as much demand.
  13. I would suggest a toggle button for the rarity beams so you don't have to open up settings and disable/enable it every time. Probably something convenient to press like tilde (~).
  14. Aw I missed the event =/ Too busy this weekend with IRL things. Can someone post pictures of the rewards? I want to see if it is worth picking the reward up from auction.
  15. Where is the trace? I don't see a trace.
  16. I will try to remember to be there!
  17. Wrong forum. This one is for Dungeon Defenders, not DD2. The gems and "bags" part really confused me until you pointed this out lmao. I was about to make a post explaining how DD item storage works.
  18. Yeah I just thought it was interesting that they said "pets have been banned" and then they proceeded to release them anyways. I wonder if they ever formally announced/decided it was okay again. (who knows, maybe they just totally forgot)
  19. February/March 2013 this looks very valentines themed. Additionally, it can't be from 2012 since the armguards of pollution set came out in early 2013 according to this thread. Fun Fact: If you read the post I linked above it says that "...Event Pets have been banned from Rank..." However, if you have been paying attention to events recently you will have noticed that a new event pet- "The Cavalry" was given out even though pets were supposedly "banned."
  20. Just some feedback, A) I would give this auction a week at least since auctions for the first set of armguards only come up once in a blue moon B) I would provide the item trace; get someone reputable to check it, and have whoever gave it to you comment if possible. Goodluck
  21. My Votes: Tomb of EtheriaMines of Moria SavagePort EtheriaI voted for Tomb of Etheria since it has a refreshing environment, plus support for 6 players! I love 6 player maps since I can help more noobs at once. The more the merrier I say! I voted for Mines of Moria Savage because of its awesome graphical assets, hidden features, and high difficulty. This should pose and fun and interesting challenge to experienced players and new guys alike. I voted for Port etheria since we don't have any other "Port"-esque maps in the game. I think that this would be a welcome addition to the map pool. Back when this was an event map, this wasn't too difficult, but it was beautiful and fun to play.
  22. I agree, most of them are "standard" The only issue I have is this rule: Numbering a thread, IBTL, TLDR, or any other fad statements Consequence: Be given (1) infraction or more, depending on the severity of the situation TLDR is fine when used properly. It is certainly not just a "fad statement." People provide TLDR s in their posts for convenience. I can see how TLDR might be used in a derogatory way such as: "TLDR: Op is a noobscrub and asked a dumb question" However, such a post should fall under insults/attacking another player's character not "Spamming or Trolling." IMO this rule somewhat ambiguous. I do not think they intended for it to mean, "Don't use TLDR at all" but that is how it comes off. Additionally, this rule: Don’t bump posts. Bumping a post is when you make a reply in a thread simply to bring it to the top of the thread list. Also, don’t “necro bump,” which is bumping an incredibly old post. Seems to target those people who are bumping their posts because they want people to see their achievement or reply to a thread they made four years ago. However, how bumps are typically used (For auctions & recent threads where no additional content needs to be added but simply fell behind due to heavy forums use) is not addressed. Instead, they simply state, "Don't bump posts..." (Presumably because inexperienced users oftentimes use bumping in the wrong manner and they do not want to encourage it by providing exceptions/cases where it could be okay). I do not know if the borderline cases I listed above are currently addressed with infractions, however it should be made clear somewhere whether or not bumps are acceptable in any circumstance- Very clear. I will not call out names, but I have seen bumps by several players on the DD1 forums recently and no action was taken. If there are any instances where bumps do not merit an infraction, they need to be well defined. IMO this rule needs more clarity; Bumps are a good tool for forums when used as intended (Or at least add a button that allows us to increase our thread's priority!) And that's all I have to say about that.
  23. I think this would be awesome, it would definitely make it much more viable as a niche tower. Additionally, I would pay close attention to how this Ogre knockback buff performs with the current range and attack rate of the JITB. It might be overpowered if range & rate are too high. (Ogres will never be able to reach defenses or will be almost constantly stunned) Basd on this, do you have any suggestions for tweaking? For ratios: right now, magic missile + arrow combined are about half of all shots (The ratio for these was initially lower but the popper was extremely OP this way); djinn shots and the fireball are most of the rest. One of the djinn shots is purity damage (more effective against dark elves and skeletons). All djinn shots currently pierce 4 targets. Here's the full list, ranked from highest to lowest frequency: Magic Missile (same as the tower) Minion arrow (Same as the Summoner minion) Djinn fire / Djinn Poison / Djinn Electric (All same chance. Nerfed from the real versions which were way too powerful) Djinn Purity (custom-more effective against dark elves/skeles) Fireball (Same as the tower) Deadly Striker bolt (Same as the tower) Ogre Snotball (Same as used by real ogres) Based on the current dps rates I would suggest considering increasing the DU cost of the party popper by one or slightly reducing the damage scaling. Based on the data provided by Caimen0, an increase in DU cost by one would result in a damage/du of roughly 0.217488. If you were to simply nerf damage scaling/rates a bit I would shoot for .24 or .25 damage/du since this would allow for the popper to still fill this niche role: against single targets once you pass one harpoon the Party Popper is in fact better. However, as it stands compared to harpoons party poppers are reasonably well balanced. It definitely gives apprentice towers a run for their money (I would consider buffing apprentice towers a decent project for the CD team...). In the current meta game app towers are hardly used due to how poorly they compare to harpoons in survival.
  24. I made a thread about this 5 months or so ago but it was in general discussion; I figured it would be better to simply repost it here than necro my old thread. Currently, several parts of the game that were added later in its life span are not part of the achievements list. I feel like it would be a good idea to add regular and NMHC achievements for doing the following: 1) Reaching wave 35 in any survival game [Map independent] (perhaps this could be expanded upon...see below) 1B) Finishing a survival run of all Eternia Shards maps 1C) Finishing a survival run of all community maps (Moon base, Palantir, Akatiti) 2) Beating Akatiti Jungle 3) Beating Moon Base 4) Beating Palantir (I am open to making additions to this list, please post if you have ideas!) As the game stands, the aforementioned tasks are a big part of endgame content (well lab runs made survival kind of worthless, but it's still worthwhile to do survival runs if you can't do lab yet), and would work well as goals for players. Also for fun: 5) Getting a turtle from Akatiti jungle (Performing the easter egg) 6) Getting a fish in a bowl from Moonbase 7) Getting Treadmill on A Treadmill from moonbase (I would suggest a DDR theme for this achieve) If a mod could comment on how possible this would be, that would be great. (DDace commented on my old thread, additional commentary is appreciated) I know somebody would have to take on the task of making icons and names for the achievements; I could do this if needed (I have some good ideas for names; I might add them later if there is enough interest). Additionally, someone would have to work on steam integration with the in game triggers and steam achievements. I wouldn't mind doing this, but I don't have the slightest clue how it works (I have a lot of programming experience though). Here is some feedback I got from DDace on my last thread: ddace quote: I will see if steam achievements are something the Community Team will be able to do. I think it would take some effort on Trendy's side as well so I am not sure if that is something we will have going forward. I like the idea though. Triggers are in the code but the integration to steam is what they have to do. Not sure if they are willing to do that or not.
  25. I'm pretty sure this giveaway thing is closed now, but I would like to say a few things anyways. Saw this post, took mental note of it, and went off to do more important things. By the time I came back to it (now) it was over unfortunately. Anyways if I would have posted it would have been something about how I signed up for the armguards of love event and then didn't attend it because I got very sick that weekend. I would like to suggest to everyone in this thread who got what they wanted that you keep your items (Don't sell them!). I find that most of the time event items like this are worth much more as mementos and relics of the past then they are as some super duper armor or a boatload of currency. (And perhaps even useful if you asked for one of the seven or so event items that are currently on par if not better than the best gear in the game) This is kind of topic, but I want to point out that one event item (costume? I guess the eggs are the items) that many people had access to without much effort by the event staff was the bunny costume. It would be cool if we could bring that back each spring, although I don't know how feasible that would be.
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