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  1. I really like these two suggestions, +1. Having recently started a new game with some friends, I can say that not being able to specify the amount of mana traded by typing in the trade window is very annoying and pesky. The only way to get around it is by making mana tokens manually for exact amounts. I also prefer the standard tavern theme and it would be cool to be able to switch between the various tavern themes that have been released over the years (Maybe add some machine for the ultimate/legendary defender achievements in the secret rooms for changing the theme).
  2. I definitely prefer having to grind for 5-10 hours to get a desirable good/high-end version of an item on a map as opposed to spending an hour learning the map and playing it a few times for the same reward. (The rarity of a well rolling item should require the user to grind for 5-10 hours to get it imo)
  3. Gratz for the winners maybe you should tell them acen i dont think they will know that they have won :P Saw the post 3 hours after he made it haha, luckily I decided to check the forums that day =P. (He also added everyone on steam I believe and pmed them) Thanks for the giveaway Ddace, I can't wait for the patch! I hope everyone's feedback helped determine what kind of changes needed to be made. Congrats to everyone who won!
  4. you should come back new update is coming soon you knew Once the update comes out I will start playing again. The tower balancing and general patches are promising. I had an ult+ saw I checked in my tavern but it only has ~300 ups and caps around 120/130k
  5. @curtisgk quote: I think there needs to be a balance between the dps and health of SnD's when compared to Bouncers/Spike walls. I want to look into that as well. (specifically a dps/health per du comparison would be optimal since they have different DU costs.)
  6. Ah I guess I was only thinking about the end game, thanks for the clarification. I would like to see a comparison between lightning towers and lightning auras with similar stats due to the rate buff. I might try to test it out later this week. If anyone else has tried out something similar, post away!
  7. What inspired the change of base charges on all traps to 3? 1/2/2 was just fine in my opinion.
  8. @CrzyRndm quote: Thanks for your response CrzyRndm, The OP lists "Option settings not being retained" under current issues. Is this just an issue with persistence between game launches or in game persistence? I think that even just having a key toggle for the beams during gameplay (not an actual setting, just a hot key) would suffice. If the only problem is persistence between game launches, I don't see what is preventing implementation.
  9. Is there a plan to implement a toggle for loot particle beams? A setting and a hot-key would be nice.
  10. I posted this in the particle beam thread, but i will repost it here: I would suggest a toggle button for the rarity particle beams so you don't have to open up settings and disable/enable it every time. Probably something convenient to press like tilde (~).
  11. I feel like the trading section could use a sticky with information like this, I am sure it will help a lot of new people figure out what is going on around here. I would like to note that because of DD1's client-sided elements, it is possible to hack/dupe items. Although, it is against the rules to discuss the means of such actions on the forums. It happens frequently unfortunately, and there is not much we can do about it besides doing things like item-checking, tracing, and censoring. Your best chance of getting items that aren't hacked is by using only the forums to facilitate trade. In
  12. 3500 Cubes my dear Friend VeeToO :D I want to say that the fact that this is not a "true" armguard auction reduces it's value (it was given out for winning a contest, it is not from the actual event). Additionally, there are not nearly as many buyers/sellers as there used to be, so there is not as much demand.
  13. I would suggest a toggle button for the rarity beams so you don't have to open up settings and disable/enable it every time. Probably something convenient to press like tilde (~).
  14. Aw I missed the event =/ Too busy this weekend with IRL things. Can someone post pictures of the rewards? I want to see if it is worth picking the reward up from auction.
  15. Where is the trace? I don't see a trace.
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