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  1. Very true and a whole lot easier, but it was so fun to interact with the game makers them self,
  2. So we just have to wait and see, hopefully this is something CG can make happen.
  3. I played on ps3 before the servers shut down but that's awsome that they still have that for DD1.
  4. So one of my favorite things in dd1 was getting to sign up for developer's ran matches online and having them add you to their lounge and going on special Quest they would make up and you get rewarded a special pet or item I can remember my 17 year old self freaking out when I got a Legendary Green love bear pet that shot hearts and did Wicked amounts of damage hope this can be a comeback that was some of the funnest time I had showing that off that I earned it doing a crazy quest for the Developers? Hope this can be a thing on PS4 like it was on PS3?
  5. NVM i found out how to do it thank you all just had to read some really old post
  6. So i followed the Twitter and liked the face book page over 2 months ago and did it through my ps4 and still have not gotten any thing i got my 200 defender medals but not my skins?
  7. From the title menu i can select the sever but as i wait for it to load i'm stuck looking at a different tips for about 10 min and nothing else ever comes up and i have to close the game out. I can log in to all other severs in less then 30 seconds and play on them. Some times i am able to log in to the US one just not all the time.
  8. PSN: ska_riot I will wait around all day I will have no life that Saturday
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